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  1. Hi there.. i hve a question, i am F1 also and i recieved my WL from NVC. My PD is not yet current, do i hve to wait for notification from NVC before paying my fees? My atty said just keep the letter and wait for years until my PD becomes current.. but in the WL it says after 1 year the case will expire.. need an advise on wat to do. Thanks in advance.
  2. You waited 12 yrs before you recieved your WL, is it correct? Thanks for reply.
  3. Ohh ok.. does it mean that after paying fees and submition of required documents, i hve to wait 10yrs or more for my interview letter? If my priority date is 2018? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Markiz, when did u recieve your approval?Or welcome letter from NVC?
  5. Hi.. Wat is the different between filing date and priority date?
  6. Hi all.. who encounter this? Does it mean that they will pending the processing of my visa until it become current? please enlighten me... thank you in advance.
  7. Hello VJs. Just wanna ask, after paying visa, support fee and sending documents, what is the waiting time to recieve feedback from NVC? Do they stuck my case coz my PD is not yet current? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi.. after sending documents to NVC, how long is waiting to recieve their feedback?
  9. Hi.. is it possible that a friend of mine use as a joint sponsor?
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