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  1. I got married in July 2017 and filing for AOS in September, fast forward to September last year, I received my Conditional Green card. Before my GC came , my marriage was facing so many issues , my husband was talking to different other women , some days he wouldn’t sleep at home. I lost my job and things became even worse . We grew apart while married. In December 2018, my husband left home and didn’t return. I lived in our home by myself and was forced to use his credit cards to pay rent . Our lease was going to expire in april this year: I reached out to him times without number , he blocked me, he didn’t renew the lease . I had to find move out at the end of the lease . I was still jobless until March , when I got a job. Now I your advice , I am confused as to whether to file for divorce now or wait until months to remove conditions before I file . I am still under his health insurance and car insurance. Would I need a lawyer when it’s time to remove the conditions ? I already know he’s not going to corporate, heck, I don’t even know where he is . We haven’t communicated in months. How do I go about this ? My marriage was bonafide. Is there anyone who’s been in my type of situation? Please how did you go about it? I know I have to be divorced before filing with a waiver . Please advice me : thank you
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