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  1. Hi Everyone, I became a citizen today! I had my oath ceremony in Syracuse and there were 100 people who became citizens with me. Everything went well and as planned (on time), they hand over the certificates after the oath and encouraged to apply for passport as soon as we can. Wish all of you good luck for a smooth and fast process!
  2. https://www.uscis.gov/files/form/attachments.pdf As I know to prove financial evidence it's better to send a bank statement including joint names in it.
  3. @maestro yes, my husband and my little boy went with me, we were ready if they wanted to do combo interview. When the officer came to pick me my husband asked are we all going, then he said "no" only she comes with me. But once i went inside he explains me that my I751 file with them and a colleague of him have to approve it separately. I saw my folder on his table. I was reading a lot before this process and we were pretty much ready for anything they want. We both teach at University and it's summer break for us, but I know it's not same for everyone and some people have hard time taking a day off . I saw somewhere online saying you can request a combo interview, but don't know how and when to do it, sorry about that. My personal opinion is take your partner with you. My officer said "oh you guys have a baby, that's a big evidence" and I'm sure he record it somewhere ( when i file my I751 my baby was 5 days old and i didn't include him in my application) and things move fast. Hope this helps
  4. Okay, they approved my I751 and N400 today and it says my oath will schedule and card is being produced
  5. Hi Guys, I know you guys are waiting to hear my story. First of all I passed my test, so that's a big relief. Since my I751 is pending the officer said he can't update my profile to "approved", but he was a super nice person, he said one of his colleague have to go through it and approve, the second he approve my I751 he said he'll approve my N400. But he printed the results for me and said he'll probably schedule my oath for August 23. First he asked me to read " who can vote?" Then asked me to write "citizens can vote" Ask six questions, I can't remember the order, but he asked the following questions, 1) What is one promise you make when you become a US citizen? 2) How many senators there? 3) What is the "rule of the law" 4) What's the war between North and South? 5) Who vetoes the bills? 6) What happened in the constitution convention center? Then he went through some general "yes" and "no" questions and ask where i work. I said I worked as an Assistant Professor in University where my field office is, then he said he's an alumnus there couple of years ago. Then he changed my name legally and said I have to do it in court, not sure how that going to happen since he didn't tell anything after that? Anyone have any idea? We chit chat a bit and said my I751 will approve soon since we have a kid and that's one of biggest bona fide evidence. We checked in around 1:25 and interview scheduled for 1:45, we were out by 2:15. It was pretty quick and easy. Officer said I'll get a mail with approval. I was married for 3 years and when I file I751 last year March and until this year April nothing happened, (not even my fingerprints were updated) i went ahead and applied N400, it went pretty fast since i applied in April and I am thankful that i decided to take the chance. Good luck for everyone waiting for their turn and i'm sure everyone will have a happy ending. PS: My folder with all the material i sent over 4 years were there with this office. I even saw my mail envelop that i send last year, everything was neatly clipped and organized.
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