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  1. Still waiting on an interview here and not expecting it any time soon, thankfully EAD means I am back at work though which really helps.
  2. I was sent down the US Citizen queue with my husband, the border man then said he would have to send me to secondary inspection, he called someone to escort us and chatted politely and processed my USC husband whilst we waited. Another man then came and escorted us to secondary inspection took my passport and EAD/AP card and asked us to both take a seat, he passed my things to another fellow behind a desk, 5 minutes later the man stamped my passport called me over, handed me my things and told me I was good to go. I had all my notices, marriage certificate, copies of I94 and everything with me but they only wanted my EAD/AP card and Passport. Even though the names don’t match. Had more issues trying to get out of the U.K. as the check in desk lady hadn’t seen an EAD/AP before and they were confused by the different names - they wanted to see all of my bits of paper.
  3. I came back home to the USA yesterday from the U.K. using my AP. Process was delightfully smooth at Orlando Airport. I was through secondary inspection and collecting my luggage before most of the Brits with ESTAs had even made it to the border people - lots of European flights landed all at the same time so that queue was HUGE. Very pleased it worked so smoothly as lawyers have always advised against using AP, but my grandmother was 90 years old this week and all she asked for was her family to be together so I couldn’t let her down when I had AP in hand.
  4. Mine was produced 27th, mailed 29th, should’ve arrived yesterday but due to labour day and hurricane should hopefully be arriving tomorrow (4th) 🤞🏻
  5. The mail man better come tomorrow, according to USPS my EAD has been sat at my local post office since Sunday. But with the holiday and now the hurricane it hasn’t moved. Everything else is still open aside from the post office 🙃
  6. Have you had a SSN before? Are you just waiting for a card with a new name or are you waiting for your first ever SSN? I have a SSN just need a new card with my new married surname and am now concerned that I won’t be able to return to work if my new SSN card hasn’t arrived even if they aren’t going to change my number.
  7. The MSC tells you what service center your case was sent to. In this case it’s the National Benefits Center which is where pretty much everyone’s on here goes ☺️
  8. I believe it’s a bit of everyone, the K1 threads are always a bit more lively because there are a lot more of them. Im AOS from a Q1 but followed threads in the K1 section.
  9. Here is a thread for August 2019 AOS Filers - good luck on your immigration journey
  10. I’m so sorry to hear that, will they be able to hold your job for you in case yours comes through soon? Work have been holding a position for me since I had to leave in April.
  11. New card is being produced! 🥳 They sent an email to my husband, I received nothing, but for now I’m just happy to be able to call work and tell them I can come back.
  12. This is amazing! Congratulations!!! You’ve been through such a rollercoaster this past week you must feel so good!
  13. I will keep my fingers crossed that we both get something through soon 🤞🏻 . It definitely feels like USCIS are toying with us a bit.
  14. I had submitted a case enquiry, but am now back within normal processing times. Goodness only knows what happens at USCIS, I’ll just continue my waiting game.
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