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  1. i’m confused on number 38 for the affidavit of support. Am I supposed to be giving my fiancé a weekly allowance??? Obviously he will be moving into my house and he has his own money he is bringing, so how do i fill that out?
  2. My job that I am starting next week when I graduate will be above the poverty line. Do i need to physically have the money above the poverty line ? like in savings and assets ?
  3. When is the I-134 requested and is a major influence in the acceptance of a K1 visa?
  4. my fiances interview is in two weeks. I am getting very nervous. I am a student and am just starting a job now and really worried. Does anyone have any advice for the interview?
  5. I filed for the K1 visa for my fiance but we seem to be getting info back about the marriage visa. I know some forms are different and what is required to bring to the interviews can differ. When my fiance went to his medical appointment they gave him a list of things to bring for the interview and it seems to be the forms for the marriage visa. Has this happened to anyone else? Can anyone confirm what they brought vs what was needed at their interview (in other words what did they look at or ask you for)? Thanks!
  6. I am the one filing for my fiancé. I am a student so my income in right below the requirements. I am just graduating next month and have a job that now meets the requirements but don’t start until a week before our interview and it won’t be solid enough proof. I heard that they don’t require it until the AOS but now i’m worried.
  7. hi!! has anyone gone through the interview process at santo domingo?? Do I need to bring I-134 to the interview and do they allow co sponsors ?? I’m getting really worried.
  8. thank you... if I need a joint sponsor will they also fill out the I-134?
  9. Hi everyone! Is it required to bring the form I-864 affidavit of support to the interview for k1 visa? I have heard that it is not asked for, but then required to be sent when doing AOS after marriage in US. Any advice? Thanks!
  10. I guess I am just confused because we already split finances...he will be working and having to contribute so I’m just confused if there is like an extra thing i’m missing. my joint sponsor is worried they will be paying fees
  11. hi everyone, What exactly is the affidavit of support for? I read all the obligations and forum posts but can someone explain it a little more for me? What are examples of times I or my joint sponsor would have to pay for my soon to be husband?
  12. thanks so much for the quick response. I thought the k1 was non immigrant but it says i dont have a valid non immigrant number and when i try it in immigrant it works? is that right?
  13. Right after i asked for help about how often they get sent out from nvc to embassy, i received the email saying it had been sent. How will i find out it has been received by the embassy?
  14. is there a method to when or how often the cases get sent off to the embassys ? I have heard certain days of the week they ship or every so many cases they complete they ship. i spoke to someone a week ago and they said that it should go out soon.
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