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  1. thank you. so then we have to remove conditions wait? and then apply for the 10 year?
  2. We filed for my husbands AOS and are waiting for the offices to open back up so we can get his biometrics done. Once he receives his GC how long is it good for? What is the next steps? just trying to think ahead because i know this is a never ending process
  3. sure that would be great! i’m in the same boat as you. just waiting for biometrics stuff
  4. I am at the same place. We got accepted for k1 in Dec2019 and he also arrived in January. Is your process paused?
  5. Hi everyone. Who is in the process with a loved one from DR?
  6. Hi everyone. my husband is currently waiting for his green card interview date. we understand there are many delays due to the virus. We were hoping to travel back to his country ( for maybe up to a year) once he received his green card. will this cause any complications in his next green card process? or reentry ? or anything ?? we don’t want to take any chances or risk him losing what we worked so hard to get. Just unsure of the laws/procedures/ his rights. Thanks!
  7. Okay thank you! So I most likely will be waiting for the offices to open to get his appointment and then we will get scheduled for a green card interview?
  8. how do i know? he has done fingerprints for each of his visas. his last time being Dec 2019 for k1 visa. I just didn’t know if he could be exempt for the appointment due to having them in the system and be granted a green card with all the closures. Is it even true this is happening ?
  9. I have heard people are being mailed their green cards without an interview due to the backup and closure with COVID19. Does anyone know if this is true? Is it only for people who were interview ready? My husband is waiting for his fingerprint appointment but has been fingerprinted within the past year and has fingerprints on record as this is his fourth visa and entry into the united states. thanks in advance.
  10. Hi everyone. My husbands AOS for green card was post marked on Feb 22. We have multiple friends who have received noa 1 and submitted after us. I have called and we aren’t even in the system. We sent out a letter today but I was wondering if there is an email I could reach out to. Thanks
  11. Hi everyone it’s me again!! sorry for the overload of questions just trying to get the paperwork sent before the new laws come into play. I am sending via money order from walmart and the most they can give is $1000. is it bad to send two separate money orders??? if the total is equivalent ?
  12. hi everyone!! getting ready for the send off today!! any advice on how to prepare the actual package? how did you guys organize all the documents?? i know for I129F it was no binders, i’m assuming this is the same? however did you differentiate between each document?? it is all in order of my cover page but just want it in tip top shape for them scary thought to pay all this money and be denied
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