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  1. Hi everyone, I came across some people with PD in June/Oct 2018 getting their I-130 approved from CSC. One of the explanations given was that countries like Philippines are having a huge number of visas available compared to the number of applicants. Is this true ? Where can we find this statistics to see no of visas available/country ?
  2. This is one of the clearest explanations I have read in here. Thank you !! Also. Question : in 2017, for a long long time USCIS did not approve any petitions ? How did that happen ? Any particular reason why this happened? Will it happen in future ?
  3. Agree. I really dont understand how CSC is doing this and getting away with it for so long.
  4. Are you sure about " First Come First Serve " ?? Those whose filed their I-130 in June 2019 at Texas Service center have been approved. but June 2017 in California are still waiting. How is this first come first serve or even fair ?
  5. It stays the same. Then you can file for adjustment of status based on the Date of Filling date in the visa bulletin
  6. California is currently processing somewhere between July 2017 to Jan 2018. So, you have a good 7-8 months wait in front of you considering the best case scenario. Unless by some miracle your case gets transferred to some other service center.
  7. I think it depends, off late, I have been hearing reports of huge delays at NVC. So, I'm not sure.
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