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  1. Hi, I am in a similar situation too, with spouse outside US. Now that they are transferring case loads for I-145 ( who would have also filed I-130 ). Can we expect I-130 processing to be faster ? Also, I do not understand how USCIS is trying to standardize processing time for I-145 when I-130 is 24 months in California and 4-8 month elsewhere. Is there any news about I-130 case load transfer ?
  2. Will this make a difference to those who have filed for I-130 from outside the US ? Why isnt USCIS looking into I-130 processing time difference ?
  3. Hi, So F2A Final Action date is current, but my spouse is outside the USA and My I-130 is stuck is CSC, which is processing late 2017 now, while my PD is late 2018. So technically, will F2A being current make any difference for people like me ? Also, since Processing centers like Vermont are already processing I-130's up to Nov 2018, does this mean that those folks who applied in 2018 and were lucky enough to escape the CSC nightmare will get their GC before those who applied in 2017 and ended up in CSC ? What sense does that make ? ( and is also grossly unfair ) Also, is there anything people in my situation can do ? Will Senator/Gov help ?
  4. https://www.visajourney.com/content/ir1cr1historical/ according to this chart, 2018 should be processing now, have anyone of you got your I-130s approved ?
  5. Hi, My wife is a GC Holder and she has filed I-130 in Dec 2018. I received the NOA1 and then silence. While looking through forums I realized that we did not submit my Birth certificate. Though it is not mentioned in the checklist, will this result in an RFE later, can I send additional documents to USCIS now ?
  6. Dec 2018. Did you guys hear anything after I-797 C ? Are you outside or inside the US ?
  7. Hi, My PD is DEC 2018. I received my I-797C in late December. I have a couple of Questions : 1. I am panicking ( maybe overthinking ) the process and think maybe I should have sent more documents. So, my question is can an RFE be issued after an I-797C ? 2. I understand that since CSC is processing my case, it might take a while for my I-130 to be approved. If as per the news mentioned, F2A becomes current, will that mean CSC will work faster as well ? 3. Also, is there any way ( I am desperate ) for me to enter the US and thereby utilize the DOF becoming current ?
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