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  1. Every case is different, what’s your point? I never said that applying from a low-fraud country automatically means the I-485 interview will be waived. It’s one possible contributing factor of many.
  2. Australia is a low fraud country. And perhaps with the RFIE they had enough information there to just go ahead and approve.
  3. There’s nothing to worry about here. The interview is scheduled at least 30 days in advance unless it’s extremely abnormal. A winter storm has been moving across the US, and with COVID, the mail is extremely slow lately. It took 3 weeks (!!) for us to receive the interview notice after the status tracker updated. But if you haven’t received the notice in 7-10 days, a Tier 2 can tell you the date of the interview and will most likely send you a scan of the notice. Just be patient and request a Tier 2 if it’s been 10+ days.
  4. The panel physician who conducted your K1 medical should have filled it out and sent it to the consulate. They are also supposed to send a copy to the K applicant for safekeeping. The DS-3025 is already likely in your file with USCIS, there’s just no way to be sure that it’s there and sufficient unless the physician gave you a copy. Sometimes things get lost in the shuffle between consulate, NBC, field office, etc. We were asked for ours because the USCIS officer saw that we had it on top of our stack of documents and it was easier to ask than to scour through the massive file looking for a single sheet.
  5. We had my wife’s AOS interview a few weeks ago. A new I-864 was not necessary, and we were not asked for any additional information. The officer simply saw that it was there, marked it with a red pen, and moved on. I generally think it’s a good idea to update the information, though, and took my 2020 tax return, 2020 W2, recent pay stubs, and an updated employment letter just in case. None of that was asked for. The only thing which was requested during our AOS interview was the DS-3025 immunization report. A new I-693 isn’t necessary if it was valid at the time you filed for AOS.
  6. IMO VisaJourney has a problem that goes both ways. OPs get unnecessarily offended when receiving direct advice they don’t like to hear, but there’s no doubt that the “veterans” of this forum undertake a default tone of condescension when dealing with OPs who lack knowledge. The latter is a bigger issue as the longtime users of this site are mostly the ones who have been through the immigration process and who should know better. For example, a “veteran” presented it as a fact that we were going to miss my wife’s AOS and that my wife’s AOS was going to be denied after we hadn’t received our interview notice in 2 weeks after the status tracker update.
  7. Yeah, we filed for AOS in February and didn’t have biometrics until October. It all just depends on the ASC you’re dealing with, which pile your package gets thrown into, etc.
  8. My wife arrived on February 8. We rushed to get married for the sole purpose of sending in our package before the rule went into effect. We mailed the package through USPS on February 20th (the rule went into effect on the 24th I think), and we got receipt notices, so figured we were in the clear. Others who were sending their packages in after the deadline were getting the packages returned if they didn’t include an I-944. But we got text notifications and all that. We didn’t hear anything until an RFE came in June asking for an updated I-485 with the I-944. We thought about trying to fight it and send proof that we mailed before the deadline but just figured it’d be safer to give them what they wanted. Took over a month to assemble everything related to the I-944. Same thing happened to a few others who submitted before the deadline. Whether because of clerical error or whatever, who knows.
  9. Green card was delivered today after the interview on February 3rd. Getting an RFE in June for the I-944, even though we filed for AOS before the rule went into effect, was hard and it felt like the process would never move forward after that. It’s a huge relief to put it behind us until ROC.
  10. Update: We called USCIS yesterday and requested a Tier 2 on an urgent basis. The rep said that a Tier 2 would call back within 48 hours. The Tier 2 called this afternoon. We explained the situation and she said that since it had been 10 days since the notice was mailed, that she would email us the notice. The notice appeared as a scan in our email 10 minutes after the call. Interview date is February 3rd. FWIW, the notice actually was mailed to the correct address (our new address). I guess it just hasn’t arrived yet. And USCIS actually scheduled our interview in our new city, which is nice! Crisis averted.
  11. Case tracker for AOS was updated to “interview was scheduled” on December 23rd but still no notice in the mail. I’m starting to get nervous as more time passes between the update and receiving the notice in the mail, but I’m sure the mail has been slowed down because of the holidays.
  12. Yes. I have informed delivery for both the new address and old address. I check it every morning and see pictures of the mail.
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