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  1. Huh? What do you mean by “verifying for yourself?” I’m lost, don’t understand what to do or what that means, and would “verify for myself” if I knew how. And I think that’s what I’m trying to do. So sick of condescending, unhelpful answers on this forum. I’ll refer you to the recently stickied topic about that.
  2. So the good news is that my fiancée was approved at her K1 interview last week and is set to arrive in the US in a few weeks. We are setting our sights on the upcoming wedding and AOS, now. I am worried and confused because we never received our NOA2 in the mail, which I’m sure is a result of the incompetence of USCIS. They’ve not yet even updated our online status tracker to “Approved” despite having the visa in hand. Thus is infuriating me because multiple sources have said that you need NOA2 to file for AOS. As soon as the NVC emailed us a letter, (saying that our approved I-129 had been mailed to the embassy in Brazil), I called USCIS to ask about the missing NOA2. The NVC letter was the first indication we had that our I-129 had been approved, which put us on short notice to gather documents and prepare for the interview. USCIS said they would “open an inquiry,” which I thought would result in them mailing a new NOA2 to my address, but I guess the “inquiry” just means they check the status and do nothing? Overall, I guess I’m looking to find out whether NOA2 is truly needed for successful AOS. Would simply submitting the NVC letter (which contains the language “APPROVED I-129”) as well as the “inquiry receipt” from USCIS (which states that they approved the petition on Sep. 23) be enough, along with submitting the K1 visa stamps etc.? I feel like it’s moronic to require NOA2, given that, uh, obviously someone with a K1 would have had their petition approved. And I really don’t want to spend the outrageous $465 for a simple duplicate document. My next question is, if NOA2 is indeed needed, what’s the best and quickest way to track it down? Thanks for any and all advice.
  3. Understand what you're saying, but how would I explain anything to the Embassy at this point? Would they contact me? All indications seem to be that Brazil doesn't look for that anyway.
  4. Thanks. One more thing that I'm overthinking. I haven't filed taxes for the last 3 years (I was in school and making below the filing requirements). I included an I-134 Affidavit of Support with a statement of employment from my employer (I recently started) and some bank statements. I was worried that my financial case alone wouldn't be strong enough, even though my 2020 income will be more than the requirements, so my mother co-sponsored, and she submitted multiple years of tax information, employment verification, bank statements, and more. Will my lack of tax returns be a problem for the embassy?
  5. My fiancee has her K1 interview at the Embassy in Brazil on Tuesday. We have had all the documents prepared for a long time, and we lived together abroad for a year (I've since returned to the U.S. and gotten a full-time job, etc.), so we have a pretty strong case (lots of pics together, trips taken together, and so on). One question is making me a little nervous and I wanted to seek some thoughts. We decided to get married in May 2019 and filed the I-134 petition in June 2019, but I "officially" proposed to her and gave her a ring when I visited her and her family in Brazil in November 2019. If the consular officer asks her "when did he propose/when did you get engaged" or some variation, I'm worried that saying November 2019 will be an incorrect response, since we filed the petition before November. Is this something to worry about? Should she simply say "we decided to get married in May 2019"? Or should she give my "official proposal" date of November 2019?
  6. Got it. She got the certificate then left the country like a week later. Thanks guys!
  7. We are currently waiting for our K1 interview at the U.S. Embassy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in mid-January. My fiance (who is Brazilian) was living in Ireland for three years and obtained a police certificate when she left Ireland and returned to Brazil in mid-September. Someone told her that police certificates "expire" after 3 months and that the U.S. Embassy won't accept the police clearance since it was issued more than 3 months ago. Now she's worried that the police certificate is invalid, even though the certificate itself says nothing of the sort and is simply dated at the time it was requested. Is this true? If so, should we simply contact the Embassy and explain the situation?
  8. K, can do without the snark and condescension from both of you. What was I supposed to do about NOA2 in October? We hadn't any knowledge our I-129 had been approved until receiving the notice letter from the NVC that it had been sent to the embassy in Brazil. We were simply waiting to receive NOA2 as is normal in the process, and it had been under 4 months since NOA1 (received June 21). I can't control the fact that NOA2 was lost in the mail and that the online tracker hadn't updated. We took action as soon as we received correspondence. Anyway, despite both of your useless responses, I contacted the embassy and our NOA2 doesn't expire until March 17. Thanks!
  9. Applicant hand carries what? Does it have to be the original documentation or can you scan the information? As OP stated, the USCIS website says to file online, so it's confusing.
  10. Today we received an email from the U.S. Embassy in Brazil with the information for scheduling a K1 interview. The email stated that the interview could not be scheduled after the date that the "petition expires," which is noted on the notice of action (NOA2). The problem is that we never received NOA2 in the mail and don't know the expiration date. The online applicant status tracker on the USCIS website has not updated either. We filed a missing forms request through USCIS but this can take more than a month to process. Not knowing the expiration date is becoming very stressful for us. I called USCIS and spoke to someone who said that the second notice of action was approved and mailed on September 23rd. Is it safe to assume, then, that the petition expires on/around January 23rd? Would it be safe to schedule our interview for the first couple weeks of January? Or is this something that we should contact the Embassy about and see if they can help? I can't believe that the process has progressed to the interview stage without us receiving NOA2 and I'm worried about it tanking everything.
  11. We have received NOA2 and just scheduled K1 interview for January 13. Gathering documents to prepare for K1 interview.
  12. Do I (the sponsor) need to file form I-134 with USCIS? Or do I simply complete the form and mail it to my fiance in advance of her K1 interview at the embassy?
  13. Thank you. I'll try that today. Do you think it's problematic that we haven't received NOA2 by mail? The Embassy hasn't contacted my fiance about scheduling the interview yet.
  14. U.S. Embassy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (RDJ). I've moved back home from abroad but I always listed my home address (in Iowa) as my mailing address. NOA1 was sent to my mailing address in Iowa. How do I escalate to tier 2 rep?
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