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  1. she is not originally from sweden. im a US citizen i wish we had translator
  2. she is from sweden she was not working at the time she came here
  3. also my wife got pregnant three weeks after she got here
  4. the letter says you entered united states under the visa waiver program feb 8 at that time you were interviewed by costoms agent and border agent. you told the agent you had no plans of moving to the usa. the agent contacted your spouse who stated there were no plans for you to move to usa. on march 15 you filled form i 485 and appread for an interview on june 5 during the interview you stated your purpose of traveling to usa was to live with your husband and child. you testimony indicates that you had no intention of returning to your home country furthermore your failure to disclose your true intent at the time of your entry to the usa curtailed additional questioning for determining eligiblity as result of you are in admissible to the usa
  5. actually , we have been married for 5 years and have 2 kids who are american citizens and the uscis have all that information so are they suspecting this is some kind of marriage fraud ?
  6. yes im asking how can we refute it ? also forget to say they approved the the i30
  7. green card interview in mn i told the officer the conclusion of the interview she did not understand the question her intention was to go back but she got pregnant
  8. her english is not good she thought they were asking her is your intention to live with your husband and two kids. they are saying her intention was to live with husband and kids coming to the us my two kids was in the room at that time extremely distracting her. what can we do now?
  9. my wife got noid notice how do we fight this? any help is appreciated
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