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  1. The only reason why I asked is that my ex husband also told me he had seen this episode and I shouldn’t leave...
  2. That’s crazy... did he take her green card away? What about job? I am still allowed to work but if I get admitted back as tourist... it has to mean I am not allowed..
  3. Hello, I hope you all are having a great day! i have just one short question - I got divorced while having conditional green card but still didn’t file i751. If I travel out of country will I be allowed to reenter US? Is my status of permanent resident still valid or it was terminated automatically once I got divorced? Can I be not admitted on a border if they know I am divorced? thank you!
  4. Thank you for your attention but I don’t see how it answers my question. I know I can file I751 anytime now and I know what I gotta do now since I am divorced. But the instructions don’t say if I can travel being still on conditional green card but in divorce.
  5. Hello! Please, advise: I have a conditional green card which expires next year but I got divorced. I still have time to file my I751 but before that I wanna travel to Canada for a vacation. Can I travel there and be admitted back to USA? Even though I am divorced and my green caRd is conditional? Or before traveling I need to file my i751? Can officers on the board know that I am divorced and don’t let me in because of that? Also my divorce was tough and for several major reasons - marijuana, dating apps and no conversations about any problems - but after we got divorced my ex husband became a totally different person! And he is trying to get me back. I know that he did lots of bad stuff to me and I still didn’t forgive him but I still have some feelings for me and he does everything to win me back - flowers every other day, he is taking me out to dinners, texts me all the time, he wants to go to the counselor if I am back and talk about problems, he deleted all (removed) from his social networks.... don’t smoke weed at least not every day. and I don’t know.. I fell like at some point I wanna give it another try... maybe not like right away but if I will see he is different for a period of time ... maybe! But if we get back together like gf and bf one day and I file with waiver what should I say to the officer? That I got divorced but get back together with my husband and now we are dating???
  6. Situation is going crazy.... He keeps texting dirty messages with some girls on dating apps, also to some girls from his past and I can't believe he is doing that to me! We were supposed to fly out to his sister's wedding next week and he said he doesn't care if I go, I can just stay. But we started to talk and we have sex still... You know I hate myself sometimes though I understand with my brain I have to move on but its so hard... I know I shouldn't even sleep in one bed with him but I can't resist myself... Even him having such a bad habit... I am finding him excuses and I just keep asking myself a question why??? what did I do wrong? Why did I deserve this? Besides losing my husband I am of course scared to lose my permanent residency... What are my chances with what I have: I met my husband in USA on exchange program in 2014, we worked in the same place Then I came again in 2015 we worked in the same place. We didn't make any photos because I couldn't even imagine I could get married to him it seemed unreal for me. But his and mine tax return for these years has the same work place. We kept talking and he came to visit me in the beginning of 2017 and proposed He filed for K1 visa and I moved to USA in December 2017 We went to visit his family for Christmas and New Year to his state and once we got back we got married in January 2018 We had interview in June 2018 and we didn't have much evidence as we lived with a roommate (he wrote a letter for us) and I couldn't work. Just photos plan tickets to visit his family, texts Though he added me to his credit card in June 2018. In September we went to visit my family back to my country and have photos from my brothers wedding. In October we had a joint credit card account and joint checking account. I also started to work in October and added him to my company's health insurance. As I started to work we rent our own place without any roommates in October 2018. We have a lease together since then. All utilities on both our names. We filed tax return together for 2018. We have lots of photos and texts together So in total: We have joint lease since October Joint utilities bills Joint checking account since October (we pay for rent with that half and half, so transfer money there every month) Joint credit card since October Tickets to my country Tickets to his state for next month Joint tax return Lots of photos, concert photos where we went together And my friends can write statements... I AM CONFUSED because we are married only for 1,5 years and I am a resident just for a year... Text messages
  7. Please call things by their names. As I said I am NOT trying to make his life difficult. I wish him all the best! I want him to be truly happy even if it’s the weed which makes him happy. And I asked if I can say the truth without affecting future life of my spouse. My biggest concern about this whole situation that in our rental profile there is a note now that someone is smoking marijuana in our apartment. And if it comes up eventually to USCIS what is going to happen? Because I don’t smoke weed and can do drug test anytime but is it comes up and I didn’t mention would it be considered as lying?? Also he is US citizen, why could it even affect him??? He lives in the state where it’s legal, I think he even used to have medical permit or so.. I care about my husband and yes I do love him but I also care about ME. And as I understood along with a petition and prove I have to provide a letter to uscis with my marriage details. And the reason I decided to divorce. I am going to consult with a lawyer tomorrow. Thanks to everyone.
  8. Hi, Yes, that’s the next thing I’m going to do. But it doesn’t mean I am not thinking about my future options.
  9. But do you guys think o have chances to be approved for permanent GC? Or most likely I have to go back now?
  10. I thought I also needed to write a letter about what was going on in our relationship and the reason why I got divorced and when I decided so. I just don’t know then what should I say... that he changed unexpectedly without a reason? Gosh that pisses me off so much! He just got up and already rolling a joint........ 😔 I seriously don’t want to give him troubles if I don’t need to....
  11. Thank you! I don’t want to tell this if I don’t need to. I don’t want to spoil his life even if he is acting like trash to me. But as I said because my husband smokes weed, we got a notice in our apartment that we violate the rules by smoking weed in the apartment. And my husband doesn’t want to change anything about it. “We ll be fine” or “you ll be fine” he says. He smokes actually outside but smells still comes close to the apartments. But notice won’t be fine from our profile Can USCIS find out about this notice?
  12. Thank you for your support! Can I even say to uscis that my husband smokes weed? It’s legal in our state, but not legal on a federal level..
  13. Hello, I need advice about what I should do and what are my options. So I met my husband in 2014 while I was on summer exchange program. We used to work together. I wasn't really interested as I didn't consider long distance relationship so it was more just fun. The following year I came again, he picked me up from the airport and we continued to hangout throughout the summer. I still didn't really consider it as smith serious for the same reasons. Too far. Though of course I liked to be around him, otherwise why would I do this. We continued talking when I was back to my country and he really wanted me to visit him again. But it was awkward to me to come again. And invited him to my country. And he agreed! And started a long visa process (he needed visa to visit my country). Finally he got it and planned his trip for beginning of 2017. He came to visit for two weeks. And those two weeks were great! And I could tell he is taking me serious and I started to take him serious too. He made a huge move! I introduced him to my family and everybody seemed to like him. We flew out to other city in my country for a weekend and he proposed with a ring. And I said yes. If we could live together then its great! My main reason why I didn't take it all serious in the beginning no longer exist. So we spent two weeks together and he left... As soon as he came back to USA he filed a petition so I could apply for K1 visa. The petition was approved and in September my visa was also approved. In December, 2017 I came to US to live with my husband. We went for holidays to meet his huge family and then came back to the state where he lived. We lived with a roommate and it was actually hard. We got married in January, 2018 and I filed my petition for GC. So we were living with a roommate and it was not easy. And I was not added on the lease either because we didn't want to pay more. We went through lots of stuff In February, 2019. I almost got raped at some place while I was where with my friends (long story doesn't really matter) and then I got sick with complications. It took me for about 2 months to finally recover. My husband had evening shifts so it was feeling really bad and lonely in the evenings. For a moment I thought I would just go back to my country. As it was difficult to handle. I also didn't live with my husband before so it took time to adjust to him and I really loved him and wanted to work it out. In June (in 6 months after filing) we had out interviews and we really didn't have any proof besides photos and chats. And out trip to his family. I mean what else I was suppose to have? I couldn't have a job or anything. We were approved but she said we need more prove on our next interview. When she asked why we decided to move to USA and not stay in other country, my husband said that I wanted to live in USA which is not really truth. I liked the country but I would never move here without a bug reason and the reason was him. I had a really good job back to my country. I am actually a medical doctor... Everything was settled there. So we got approved. Then we got a common account and also a common credit card. In October we moved to our place and it was so nice!!!!! Ah... Hahah such a big difference and I also got a job so it got so way better! everything was so good for a while I coudln't feel any happier! But So my husband he is a weed smoker but I never liked it. It was ok for me if he smoked once in a while but since I got a new job and started to travel for my job, the amount of weed he smoked increased. Now he smokes every day..... Looks like while I didn't have a job I just "controlled" him but now.... We started to fight about it a lot but nothing changed. Expect that we got even a notice that someone is smoking in our apartment!! And he really doesn't care. Everytime we try to talk and discuss smth he never wants to talk says everything is fine and I am just overdramatic. He can just start to ignore me. And I become emotionally unstable. Because instead of a dialogue my husband just ignores me and I have so many weird thoughts! I started to go to the counselor... When I asked him if he wanna come with me he said that he doesn't have a problem and if someone has a problem is me. He sees just his point of you.. And if anything happens he just blames me. If he drops something it's just because I was not supposed to put it. And I starter to blame myself for everything too. But I can't go on like that. That drives me crazy! If he is not right, and I try to talk he ignores me and then show up late without saying anything. And goes smoke weed right away! So I decided to be like him and just did my stuff, worked met with friends. And he thought that I am doing smth bad and instead of talking he registered on a dating app.... It happened just like a few days ago. IT is so disrespectful!!!!!!! I saw that on the history in the browser but he also admitted later. Of course at first he tried to lie. And he said it is because I act weird not him. Him smoking weed so much made him so crazy. And I just can't handle it for health reasons. If he is not working, he is home just playing video games and smoking weed. If we fight, he goes to bars and who knows what he is doing there. And that's not how I wanted to live my life.. What he is doing is not nice, but what pissed me off that he makes me feel like I am the reason that bad stuff is happening in our life. I want to divorce but as I finally got my life together I don't want to go back to my country. What are my chances to be approved if I divorce? We have common bank account, credit card, lease, he is on my work insurance bills are on our names. We went back to my country in October 2018 for my brothers wedding. His car is just his car, he had it before we got married and he is trying to pay it off. We have photos together. We also plan to visit his family this month as his sister is getting married. Friends so us together. We filed taxes jointly for 2018. But We got married only 1,5 year ago and I am a resident for a year by now. Please, advise.
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