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  1. Digging into it there is nothing the Consulate specificity requests for parental notification for K2. Just some documents. And from what most sources are saying, when travelling, you need either a signed, notarized letter from the other biological parent, or a notarized copy of the final court decree giving you full parental control. This is problematic... you would need a translated copy for every language you encounter. And according to the says that unless ordered by a judge, the other biological parent shall not be denied visitation. So a letter would still be required, allowing the child to leave. If anyone has anything else to add/correct, please do.
  2. The Chinese Consulate's rule is all paperwork needs to be translated. This is the first time I have read that they would accept non-english paperwork, just wanted to double check. Most of the important papers will be translated for USCIS, but a few things are specific to the Consulate. Just wanted to make sure, its OK to use Vietnamese papers in VN?
  3. Someone who understands! 2500 texts could be a chatbot script prattling about. If more consulates would allow petitioners to attend it would rule out a lot of these indiscriminate denials.
  4. No, you really don't. I've used GE a dozen times in the last two years and once you get your paper/photo from the GE kiosk you simply walk down the GE marked lines and are done. If anything you'll have basically head of the line privileges. At every POE I've gone through (SF, LAX, DFW, PHL, EWR) its literally walk in front of several plane loads of people and done. I would have missed about 6 connections (Delta schedules 1 hour for a connection from DFW to PHL... lol going through immigration/baggage claim and customs in 1 hour without GE. If you have a HSBC CC they credit $100 to your GE fee, several other CCs do it, but HSBC is no annual fee.
  5. You have to admit Vegas is not the rest of the country... you cancel on them they have 50 people lined up after you to take your place. A local caterer/photographer/music/church has to be secured with a non-refundable deposit. I'm sure their are exceptions... but that's a pretty standard rule. Even local fire halls (we call them hosey's) have wait lists in my neck of the woods. As for the RFE, I copied the exact template off this site. Had my fiance sign hers and scan a copy to me. Dear Sir or Madam: I visafrompa, do hereby state that I am legally able and willing to marry fiance , and intend to do so within 90 days of her arrival into the US using the K1 visa. Sincerly visafrom pa I'm leaving for Philly to fly to Shenyang 3 hours from now, guess what I used for my letter of intent? The exact same sentence.
  6. No offense, just my observation as a long time laowai: You married a Chinese women and are just NOW realizing that no matter what you say, if a Chinese person says otherwise THEY are right? Man, you're in for a tough time.
  7. They will tell you what you already know. I can do that for $500. Does he have the X2 visa paperwork? A report card from the school? He lived and studied in Shanghai for a year, it's a school in a Tier 1 city.. the school should have paperwork on him.. how long ago did he live there??? You can't live in a foreign country for a year, go to school (which entails visas, enrollment, tuition) and not have ANY paperwork. Look at it from the PSB's point of view.. they need SOMETHING to at least put you in the city for the time period you say.
  8. Actually, I don;t think so: 9 FAM 302.8-2 (U) PUBLIC CHARGE "(e) (U) To substantiate the information regarding income and resources, the sponsor should attach to the affidavit a copy of the latest federal income tax return filed prior to the signing of the Form I-134, including all supporting schedules. If you determine that the tax return and/or additional evidence in the file do not establish the sponsor's financial ability to carry out the commitment toward the immigrant for what might be an indefinite period of time, or there is a specific reason (other than the passage of time) to question the veracity of the income stated on the Form I-134 or the accompanying document(s), you should request additional evidence (i.e., statement from an employer showing the sponsor's salary and the length and permanency of employment, recent pay statements, or other financial data)." Computation of 9 FAM 302.8-2 (U) PUBLIC CHARGE is based initially off the prior years tax return/transcript. If your 2018 return shows that you do not meet the 100% poverty guidelines you need supporting documentation to show assets. While the I-129F does ask for CURRENT employer and income, the FAM clearly states the tax transcript is truly the most important document, if the IO has some reason to question your income, the secondary evidence is the letter: "or there is a specific reason (other than the passage of time) to question the veracity of the income stated on the Form I-134 or the accompanying document(s), you should request additional evidence (i.e., statement from an employer showing the sponsor's salary and the length and permanency of employment, recent pay statements, or other financial data)." So OP should use 2018's Income and get a letter from the new employer, although I don't believe that it will matter. You either meet poverty guidelines or you don't
  9. YIKES! Thankfully google voice held up the entire hold period. got the Invoice number and the operator told me my case was in Guangzhou already (which I already knew)
  10. You are married now. You need to do the IR-1. The K-1 is no longer available to you.
  11. Why would he claim something that does not exist? You either provide support or you don't. 2018 are the numbers you need to use. 2017 is irrelevant. For I-134F the number is 100%. Did he make 100% That doesn't matter. The age does: The child must be 18 or younger at the end of the year, or under 24 if a student. To be a student, the child must have attended school full-time during at least five months of the year. The five months don’t have to be in a row. So the fiance is 19 and not going to school they are not an IRS dependent, and therefore not a dependent on the I-129F
  12. How can you make reservations when your fiance is not even in the country? You're also told in most Consulate FAQ's to not make any arrangements until after the K-1 is issued. Also 'photos of wedding shower' is contrary to posted information that you should have absolutely NO party/gathering or anything in the foreign country that could REMOTELY be considered a wedding ceremony. I think 99% of the people get away with a simple two sentence letter "My name is X and I want to marry Y. Sincerely, X"
  13. Do you have a list of these 'high fraud' countries? Everyone says this, but I've never seen an actual list. Do you know of one??
  14. You missed something. You I-129F was most likely OK as USCIS would not forward it to the NVC if they are waiting on an RFE. Usually you have to send information to the Consulate once they get your packet, you may have missed something. From reading many, many posts on VJ it seems that most IOs won't give you a second chance once the interview starts unless its for something very very minor. They will 221(g) you and go to the next person.
  15. Think of it from the PSB side.. a random woman comes in and asks for a Police certificate of no crimes. OK. Where? When? Who? You have to have SOME documentation to prove that you were there. What time frames and even what city/village. Did she have a work visa? Pay stubs? Mail? And sadly, your experience may only be for that city. So even if you do find what you are looking for, it may not work at all in another city. But good luck. Tickets to China in Sept Oct are DIRT CHEAP. East coast to PEK is $399!
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