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  1. I still waiting too now I have 5 months an a half because they register the RFE respond on. January 11 2019 and the case got a year on July 3
  2. I have a similar case and summit the inquiry by jun 1 because the priority date is 7/3/2018, I received the answer today and they said they work continue waiting
  3. I continue waiting and waiting after respond a RFE from Texas Service Center
  4. In My RFE they want the marriage certificate , the RFE was received in December 28 2018 and we respond on January 7 2019 , January 11 uscis received the evidence after that is waiting and waiting is a little be frustrating
  5. After how many days you submit the inquiry, because i wait 5 months after they received de evidence and nothing happens I want know what we suppose to do
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