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  1. Yes you can contact and they summit a special request, I contact congressman because my lawyer told me
  2. I got same problem , the stupid RFE delay my case now I still waiting 292 day after they receive the response about the RFE request, two week ago I contact my congressman and I still waiting
  3. Not worried about it because they want delay your case that happens with everybody and this problems have a name , this name is Stephen Miller he is a person order to delay all case
  4. Someone send two inquiry to the uscis about why they take to long to respond and case status never change
  5. Yes is really hard and frustrating unfortunately is a long wait and they don’t care how hard is for us , right now I try to stay relax , I response the RFE about marriage certificate in January 11 2019
  6. I summit two inquiry and is like a waste time because all time I get same answer they said wait because the case is under active examination and take time
  7. Not worried because I got 7 months after answered a RFE and 1 year from the receipt number priority July 3
  8. Is very frustrating that honestly because they don’t said anything if they said something is ok we still relaxing
  9. Right now they take long time to give you a answer I know because I got 7 months since RFE was received
  10. Not worried about because is approved nothing is more important
  11. Congrats 🎉🎊🍾 needs celebrate that after long waiting I think if they aprove my case I jump
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