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  1. and H4 is a dual intent visa right ? why should there be convincing issue there ?
  2. What time period are you considering as recent ? 6 months ? 1 year ? or 5 years ? Leave the country ? H4 has expiration date right unlike F1. There is no illegal presence reported on my case.
  3. Yup, I have i20, visa and was just married planned to start a happy life with my wife in the US, and was stopped at port of entry saying that the they cannot admit me. I am Indian.
  4. 212 7 A is the section - lacking proper visa documents. I didn’t admit the fault, so i went through expedited removal which triggered the 5 year bar under section 212 9A
  5. Thank you, inadmissibility without any fraud or criminal offense can also have effect then for a study visa or a work permit ?
  6. Stay closer to my wife until we get the waiver approved. If not approved, my wife’s company has a branch in Canada, so she can transfer there.
  7. Do you have any helpful comments or just stay calm
  8. That’s not how a visa program works in US. Someone has to sponsor you to be in a temporary visa.
  9. I wish DHS should not even have given that univeristy ability to accept the students. But it’s SEVP certified. I guess DHS didn’t know their rules very well. Rather than hurting students, they should have banned the univeristy, so no one will be hurt.
  10. So, my wife is working on US. We are both eligible for Canada express entry. We are weighing out our options. But just want to make sure if the US deportation history will cause a problem.
  11. I asked my university before traveling to my home country with F1 visa. Firstly, they have suggested me to travel less then 30 days and can enter to US in any states you are will. my course is hybrid (MIST program in Campbellsville university in KY). it's not complete online.
  12. Hi All, I was denied entering into USA with my F1 visa as I am attending classes online. Unfortunately, I got expedited removal with section - improper visa documents - 212(7)(A)(i)(I) and CBP barred me for 5 years. The reason is improper travel documents, and expedited removal triggered 5 year bar. Can I go to Canada for student visa or work permit. Does Canada allow ? i heard that Canada and US share visa database. But I dont have any criminal offense on my record.
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