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  1. Honestly judging by the sound of it, you should be fine. The jaw surgery won't be an issue at all. As for the lack of patient summary, I don't know why GPs are so against giving it out. They told my fiancé that Knightsbridge would have to request it if they were going to give it, she ended up being very persistent and then they just gave in and gave her it. Considering you have a "full report" and "encounter report" I think you'll be ok. But there might be an issue because I'm pretty sure the patient summary is supposed to reflect details about your current health, don't know if the other reports you listed having will do that. Either way I think you're going to be ok, just be wary about the info Knightsbridge gives over the phone because according to many here the info hasn't been the most accurate...
  2. I've had experience with this as well visiting my girlfriend (now fiancé) in the UK. First time visiting I was inexperienced and didn't think to bring any supporting documents with me. After a bit of questioning and interrogation by a very rude officer at the border, I was let in. Second time was an absolute breeze, guy asked me a couple questions, one of which was what I did for work (I'm self-employed). Told him what I did and how much I make per month and he just stamped my passport and said enjoy my trip.Third time I had forgotten my printed documents at home, but I figured me pulling up my bank balance on my iPhone app would be suffice that I could support myself. Just my luck, the app decided to be down for maintenance and I couldn't show him anything when he asked. I was told to sit down and wait while they called my girlfriend to verify that I could indeed take care of myself and I was indeed there just visiting her. Officer was super nice and polite the whole time, couldn't have asked for a better officer honestly. Fourth time (most recent, about 9 months ago) my fiancé was actually traveling with me. We had filed our form I-129f at this point and had proof that we filed. Thankfully I remembered to take my documents with me this time. I walked up and the officer took my passport and asked why I was here, said that I was traveling with my fiancé to spend the holidays with her and her family in the UK. When I called her my fiancé, he asked where we'd marry. I told him we filed for a K1 Fiancé Visa, after hearing that he just stamped my passport and welcomed me to the country without needing or wanting to see any of the documents I brought. I think you'll be ok honestly. Bring your supporting documents with you, and also explain that you've filed a petition which would help support the fact that you're not there to stay.
  3. That should be all you need. As long as you have letters saying you're in good mental health and not a danger to you or others, then that's more than enough. The fact that you don't have an official diagnosis is also a plus. You should be fine honestly, people with histories of depression and self harm have done just fine at the medical with proper letters clearing them. Good luck!
  4. If they were going to deny you, I'm sure that they wouldn't keep the passport and issue a 221g due to the medical not arriving. Very good sign! I would tell you not to stress and be nervous but I can't do that, I was stressed out of my mind due to ours taking nearly 3 times as long as the average! But you're definitely getting there to issued!
  5. Yes NI AP is the final step to getting issued. My fiancé had her interview ion June 10th and our status just changed to ISSUED today! We were in NI AP for about 10 days!
  6. Our status actually changed to ISSUED today so I think you’re right. Either way very happy they everyone’s seem to be going through now!
  7. It's all good and yeah it really is frustrating, especially when you're told it's only going to take a week to get the visa when it's been 2 and a half weeks now!
  8. 5 weeks? Dang that’s really annoying. Technically the K1 is a nonimmigrant visa, but just processed by people that also handle immigrant visas. But thanks though, really hoping I get good news soon because usually London is quick and they didn’t request additional information from us at all!
  9. That's awesome and finally! Sadly I didn't receive an update today, even the reply the embassy gave to my email didn't show up as an update. Still says the 18th was the last time it was touched!
  10. The fact that they kept the passport and income paperwork has to be a good sign (I think) as it seems they plan on issuing the visa then. I'm just paranoid about being one of those endless AP horror stories we've all probably read about on here. Here's to hoping we all get issued ASAP and can finally start our lives with our partners!
  11. Processing times appear to be very slow even without getting a 221g. My fiancé had her interview on June 10th, the status stayed in "Application Received" all the way until June 18th. June 18th is when it updated to Nonimmigrant AP and it's been there ever since. Really unfortunate because the interviewing officer told my fiancé that she should have the visa in hand a week after the interview, now it's been over 2 weeks. @EffyEngland seems to be in the same situation, they've been much slower than usual over in London...
  12. Hello all, My fiancé had her K1 interview on June 10, 2019 and was approved, no additional info needed, just straight approved. The application stayed in “Application Received” until June 18th when it finally changed to NI AP. It’s been in NI AP for a week now. I’m aware that AP can take awhile and what not, but it seems as though visas have been brought to a drastic standstill and are taking a lot longer now than they did just a few weeks ago. Others on here that had their interviews around the time my fiancé had hers are experiencing the same thing so it’s not just me. Has anyone had their K1 interview within the last 2 weeks? Does anyone by any slim chance have any info if things in London are massively backed up or something? Curious because it seemed like before June 10 people were getting their visas issued within a week or just over a week. On a side note, I emailed the embassy while my application seemed to have been stuck in “Application Received” and the day after they replied is when my case finally changed to NI AP. Don’t know if this was purely a coincidence that it seemingly “nudged” our case a bit. I know others have noticed the same when emailing in the past. Thanks everyone!
  13. If anyone that's recently had an interview within the last couple weeks could chime in and let us know how the case is going, it would be greatly appreciated!
  14. No change yet again for me today, been in NI AP for a week now. Really hoping I see that it's issued within the next few days as this wait is killing me! I know others have endured waits longer, still is a tough situation regardless though!
  15. So happy for you! Sadly I didn't get any updates today with my case, hoping I get one very soon though as I've been in NI AP for a week now. But congrats!
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