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  1. What about different category other than a marriage?
  2. Hello all! I have a confusion on when to file my citizenship, if anyone can help me please! Is it 4 years since the resident on my greencard or 5 years after the resident time. And does it depend on what category is your greencard, someone please explain thank you 🙏🏼
  3. I agree, The spouses of PR suffer more than spouses of any category when it comes to waiting to be re United. Unfortunately being legal immigrant greencard holders doesn’t have As much rights while it comes to bringing their family compared to non immigrant families. Sad 😢 they shouldn’t have to go through the trauma of family separation as it takes forever to be united not fair for the permanent residents. I hope the future applicant doesn’t have to go through what others are going right now. Family separation is the worst thing anyone could ever imagine.
  4. So if the PD is current aren’t all the pending backlogs cleared so how would the PD back dated 2 years again on October?
  5. So visa bulletin is current for July 2019, does that help my I130 to approve faster. I have applied for my spouse who is abroad under F2A category and my PD is on 2019. What are the chances of the process getting faster. Any one share your thoughts please! For consular processing abroad I believe I130 has to be approved, mine is pending in California. What is the next step I can take if any?
  6. So I’m F2A category filing for spouse abroad. My i130 hasn’t approved yet. What are my chances of speeding up i130 approval if visa bulletin is current next month also do I need to wait for i130 approval before consular processing abroad even if the visa becomes current for July? Please share what you know thank you 🙏🏼
  7. So I’m in F2A category heard it’s being current next month, my hubby is outside US and I haven’t got my I130 approved yet? How does that help my case if any please help anyone here? 😫
  8. I’m also waiting since my I130 hasn’t approved yet. Is it necessary for I130 to be approved before we can apply for spouse green card abroad? Or does I 130 has to be approved. I just heard the F2A is current
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