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  1. You are right! Purpose of tourist visa isn’t to visit and adjusting while on tourist Visa might have bars later, it’s better to do NVC
  2. If your PD is current and your I130 is approved, I believe it’s better to go through NVC, one of my relative had same case and had to face 3 years bar from entering. Adjusting status on tourist visa is looked upon by the officials.
  3. I have similar case for my spouse we are doing consular processing! I heard there could be a denial on B1/B2 or even a bar from entering so We didn't take a chance.
  4. How may I ask the reason for expedite? They will take approximately 14 days to send an email reply.
  5. Congratulations! With the first 3 letters you can know where your case is and if you would like you can create an account to get updates I get mine on text!
  6. Isn’t direct consular filing same as IR1/CR1? I’m confused what does direct consular filing mean?
  7. I know it is frustrating to wait for them to approve I130 and then wait for consular I have been in confusion too if being current helps our case to go forward and remove all the backlogs. If someone knows please share. Thanks
  8. I hope it’s not true, my spouse will have an interview in London embassy. Please let me know if you know anything or any updates will help. Thanks.
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