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  1. Alright, so I checked with DHL and documents arrived to embassy yesterday (October 7th). This morning (October 8th) I received email from embassy that documents has been received and we can schedule an interview. Went on website to check and calendar was open with bunch of different days for October. Interview has been scheduled!
  2. Thank you! I’ll keep you guys posted. I assume calendar can only be unlocked during working days?
  3. Hi Everyone! Do we know how long does it take for embassy to open calendar after you submit request with visa receipt number?
  4. This is crazy... Our case is ready too! Now I’m thinking is DHL hack really working or they transfer everything electronically to embassy?
  5. Alright who is gonna be on October 1st train to embassy? Choo-Choo 🚆😁
  6. No problem. I assume you know but on DS-160 you put information about your fiance not yourself. Pretty much pretend you are her 😂
  7. 1: NVC or WAC number don’t matter. I put NVC number. 2: answer is NO
  8. NVC just started assigning case numbers today (9/25) that arrived on 9/23. They received my case on 9/23 and case number was assigned on 9/25.
  9. Congrats! Looks like our cases moving along nicely... Once I received my case number today I filled up DS-160 form (which was pretty easy btw) but didn’t submit yet. I want her to take updated 2x2 photo before I submit it. Also registered on website where you can schedule interview. I’ll schedule interview once case status changes to ready.
  10. I called today at 12pm and they said case number wasn't available yet and at 2pm email received with case number. Call them again asap.
  11. No, they will send your case regardless. Right now would be good time to fill up DS-160 and pay visa fee. Once it arrives to embassy you can schedule an interview.
  12. NOA2 08/27/19 Just received case number from NVC. Didn’t even have to call them. They sent me email with case number at 2pm today. Let’s jump on that October 1st train!!!
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