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  1. Just returned on Wednesday from my 10th trip since July 2018. I'll be meeting him January for the 11th time for the interview.
  2. Thank you! I meant to say in my last post that I'll check the first few days of December for January slots.
  3. Thank you for the information. We plan to schedule ours in January in Bogota. I'll check the first few days of January to see if there are any openings. Good luck to you and your fiancé!
  4. Interesting to know as my Fiancé will interview in Colombia as well and I plan to join him... Our petition expires on February 21st (approved Oct 22) and yes we want to interview January instead of December due to high cost of flights but we both did say that if December is the only availability that we would make it work despite the flights being expensive.
  5. Hello, I was visiting my Fiancé this week and we were doing the DS-160 together and realized he had the wrong year for his parent's DOB. (I gave him the death stare)… Will this create a problem? He entered the correct DOB for his parents on DS-160 but I'm afraid it will show a discrepancy from the 129F form and the DS-160 application. Should he make a copy of his parent's ID to carry to the interview just in case? I just don't want this to affect our visa. Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  6. I called this morning around 7:50am and my call was answered within 2 minutes. The NVC agent said perfect timing as my case arrived this morning, Nov 7th at NVC. It was my first time calling so it was good timing. Obviously no case number but I was surprised they received our case within 16 days. Tomorrow I fly out to see my Fiancé and relax for the next week.
  7. Till this day neither site updated for us at all. It still shows as "received" so I won't trust the site moving forward... Congrats to you!
  8. Everyone is different... the websites never updated for me and I never received a text or email either. I received the hard copy on Saturday. Snail mail is the proof. I hope yours arrives soon!!
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