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  1. Well I am Anthony and I'm 55, swm, with Cerebral Palsy from birth (please no pity party. If you want to give me something, then make it money instead ) and was born in raised in western Pennsylvania... The 1st 50 yrs of my life were living in PA... All over the state! in September 2013 I turned 50 and was tiring of dull Erie, PA and PA in general so I started talking to friends everywhere in the US and one friend said : Come to Saginaw You'll love it!!! I did a little research on Saginaw, MI and found it pleasant enough. So about 11 days after I turned 50 with my stuff in storage in Erie, I was on a bus to Saginaw, MI... One of my family members didn't actually find out about my move, until I was halfway to Saginaw and had posted something like: (don't remember exact wording I used but this should be close enough to them) About to start a new chapter in my life in Saginaw, MI. Some odd things happened that 1 winter over in Saginaw... One of the oddest was a K-Mart's ceiling collapsing under heavy snow... The oddest thing that winter was the phone call from my sister... "So Your moved to Saginaw?" "Yes" "how long are you staying there" "Until I decide to move again. It may be next month or it may be next year or it may be never"...She wasn't happy but she accepted that her brother was going to make his own way in the world... She wasn't surprised almost 5 yrs later that I move to the whole nother country of Alabama!!! I've seen some crazy people in my life, but Alabama raises that to a whole nother level! July will mark 1 year in Alabama for me. My next journey (and hopefully my last will be to Bogata, Colombia. South America... Found this site from a friend's reccomendation. That is me in a nutshell
  2. Not a problem for other questions I have... Kevin&Luzdary gave me a very interesting article with quite an overview of Colombia and its current history but the article didn't answer all of my questions... Will check out the Mexico/Latin America/South America section for any follow-up questions I have. Thank-you TBoneTX and Kevin&Luzdary for your help and kind words, Anthony
  3. I am planning on moving from the United States to Colombia and have the Passport application and am have gotten information dealing with my Social Security and Medicare... What I need to know are at least 2 things: 1.) Do I also need to get a visa to move/live in Colombia? 2.) Is there a site or someplace that I can get a visa application? 2b.) Can someone please point me to the site? Thank-you for your time, Anthony
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