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  1. To all who had an interview scheduled at DFO today. CIS was nice enough to let applicants and their attorneys know at 830AM that the office was closed until 9AM. I also heard that people with appointments after 9AM were being turned away because not though staff showed up at DFO today. Check with somebody before you head out. What an efficient agency yall! I thought Europe had slow bureaucracy!
  2. Living together is only required up to filing per https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-12-part-g-chapter-3 (sub chapter B). This is also clarified by Policy Alert of Oct 12, 2018 (Google it). Existence of a legally valid marriage is only requirement between filing and oath. Whens his interview and where?
  3. Hi all, bombshell topic here. Due to the instability from COVID, some couples have been contemplating (or have filed) for divorce. The Policy Manual clearly states that living in marital union (LMU) is ONLY required for three years up to day of filing, not examination. As long as you’re not divorce up to oath, you are good. This came from a discrepancy with CFR which stated LMU is up to examination, while INA says only up to date of filing. INA supersedes CFR. https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-12-part-g-chapter-3 (check out sub chapter B). Anybody here has been able to resist a bulldozing IO and successfully show them that LMU is only up to date of filing?
  4. Hi All, OP is correct. I am no immigration lawyer, however, CIS addresses this in their Manual: https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-12-part-g-chapter-3 go down to sub chapter B. The issue comes from a discrepancy with CFR. The latter says that LMU should be up to interview, INA says 3 years prior of filing. INA is law and the manual specifically says CIS adopts INA POV.
  5. Hello All, A friend of mine is going through a tough situation so i thought I would help and ask all yall. She is an LPR and applied for Natz late Feb 2020. When she applied she had been a LPR for 3.5 years so she took advantage of expedited three years process. Her husband filed for divorce in late August 2020 with pending N-400. Thanks to this policy update for the manual (see file attached), it looks like: 1) living in marital union w USC only applies to the three years prior to the filing of N-400 (not until interview or oath); 2) she must stay married until Oath is done So, my thought was, if divorce is still pending but not finalized by the day of the Oath, she can still become USC under 3 year rule. Here is the manual:https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-12-part-g-chapter-2 What are yalls thoughts? Anybody has any insights? Thanks again! 20181012-MaritalUnion (3) (1).pdf
  6. Our office is so backed up...I even tried to reach out to our Rep but it was more useless than an easter egg at Christmas. I have ready given up on voting this year...smh.
  7. Glad I found this thread! Do we know if interviews are back on and which month is currently being interviewed? The Irving FO is massive bit always backed up.
  8. Howdy y'all! Thanks for keeping everybody up to date with this process. Has anybody received any news about the Dallas office? I haven't seen any Feb 2020 filer address Dallas, TX so I thought I'd ask. Thanks and have a good night!
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