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  1. Good day to everyone I would just like to know when is the best time to apply, the procedures, requirements, fees for k1 and k2(19yo) visa. Thank you so much in advance hope to hear from you guys soon. ☺️
  2. Thanks so much for your reply @Daveandmira
  3. Sure. No worries totally understand 😊
  4. Noted on this.my apologies.thanks so much
  5. huh?YMMV?sorry i dont know what that means @payxibka
  6. Thanks so much @Nitas_man ☺️
  7. Anyone here knows when to pay fee for AOS? is it when u file it, while filing of wait for USCIS advice?
  8. Hi @Hank_ whats the I-131 and I-75?
  9. ok so it has to be before the 90 days then?
  10. oh wow. thanks so much @Hank_ for this info. Just a clarification, you saying that it would be possible too to apply the AOS on January 2020, we would just have to apply I485 with I765? and pay the AOS fee when u think?
  11. Hi there @Hank_ it was nice to hear from you again, i have other worries too what if the married name is already in their database? and insist on what theyre saying how would i explain it to them? thanks so much
  12. Thanks so much @Bill & Katya for giving me hope I will definitely give it a try. How about if I apply online for the mean time would it complicate u think
  13. Thanks @Nitas_man for that but still kinda sad if I will have to wait for the AOS, may I know if up to when I can apply for the AOS as we are thinking of applying for AOS on January 2020 would that be possible?,anyone here have an experience applying for an AOS beyond the 90days? As not only me as k1 I travelled with my daughter who is 19years old now under k2 visa. Many thanks
  14. Thanks @Bill & Katya I will try and go back there within the week. My other worry is that since I went there and filled out the form they might have already my record as married. Thanks
  15. In short, I'm currently here in the US under a K1 visa. I arrived in August and got married a week ago in Sept. We went to the SSA office and were told we could not get a SSN yet. Help! Details: I arrived here last Aug 16, 2019 and got married sept. 15, 2019. Just last Friday sept 20,2019 my husband and I went to SSA to get a SSnumber filled out application form under married name but failed to give me one as the clerk told me that it's a mismatched. And told me too that i should call USCIS to change the visa satus to K3. We got confused we dont know what to do. Please help us as i need to have my SSN so i could drive, include me to my husbands bank account and other benefits in the future,etc. Thank you and looking forward to your advice regarding this matter.
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