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  1. Hello there need help if it’s required to fill up form I 693 even if I had my vaccinations from st Luke’s last June 2019 thanks
  2. Anybody here who knows what forms to fill up for adjustment of status for k1 and k2? Thanks
  3. Good day. Need advice here if there’s anyone who have idea or experience filling late AOS for k1 and k2 visa. My k1 and k2 visa will expire in a week and still we haven’t filed the AOS yet due to financial issues but we would be able to have the money latest January of 2020 anyone here who has experience filling late aos?
  4. Good day to everyone I would just like to know when is the best time to apply, the procedures, requirements, fees for k1 and k2(19yo) visa. Thank you so much in advance hope to hear from you guys soon. ☺️
  5. Thanks so much for your reply @Daveandmira
  6. Sure. No worries totally understand 😊
  7. Noted on this.my apologies.thanks so much
  8. huh?YMMV?sorry i dont know what that means @payxibka
  9. Anyone here knows when to pay fee for AOS? is it when u file it, while filing of wait for USCIS advice?
  10. Hi @Hank_ whats the I-131 and I-75?
  11. ok so it has to be before the 90 days then?
  12. oh wow. thanks so much @Hank_ for this info. Just a clarification, you saying that it would be possible too to apply the AOS on January 2020, we would just have to apply I485 with I765? and pay the AOS fee when u think?
  13. Hi there @Hank_ it was nice to hear from you again, i have other worries too what if the married name is already in their database? and insist on what theyre saying how would i explain it to them? thanks so much
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