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  1. No idea- no RFE. Maybe because of the shutdown? Or because or expedite request ended up slowing things down? Anyway this may actually work out well since we'll be past the 2 year mark by the time the interview date rolls around.
  2. Just got interview date in BK. Applied early November, date is just before Christmas. So about 13.5 months in total. EAD took 9 months...
  3. After 255 longgg days, new card is being produced! Now just need to stress that it doesn't get lost in the mail!!
  4. Oh there's plenty of us. Looked at some numbers in our batch of 5k cases (early Nov). 6/19 there was 393 open 765s. Today there are 113. Burn down rate is pretty consistent. Note many of these were closed because of GC.
  5. Still waiting for EAD. Have heard absolutely nothing outside of "Ready to be scheduled" and a denied expedite. We're not expecting an interview any time soon given the timelines in NYC. Filed a SR this week, just hoping for the AP soon.
  6. Both are past now unfortunately. Guess I should file for them both.
  7. Thanks great. Any thoughts if it's a good idea to file a SR for both the 131 and 765 or just the 765?
  8. Anyone else in November now out of processing time for EAD? I am for AP and will be for 765 in a couple days...
  9. 232 days today. Not expecting much this week due to the holiday.. 😕
  10. Looks like processing time jumped ahead to 10/25? Hopefully for those of us who are still waiting this means our time is coming soon.
  11. Is it worth filing a request if AP is out of processing time but EAD isn't yet? Since it's a combo card I'm guessing we need for both to to be past?
  12. Welp, after 222 days we got a minor piece of good news. 485 changed to "ready to be scheduled for interview". Still not the EAD update we wanted though. Does this mean the background check is ready and we should be getting the EAD soon, or is there no correlation?
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