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  1. My wife went to social security after we got married and was told that she cant get one under her married name yet. First they need to issue a social security number based on the details on her 1-94 arrival departure card so there will not be a mismatch. The officer also said she can come back later to change her name or status and get a new card...So she was issued a social security under her maiden name and went back to change it
  2. When we applied for marriage license in the form we filled out, we only put her maiden name. During the interview, the personnel asked my wife if shes gonn be using my last name and she sid yes. The marriage certificate shows . her complete maiden name and the new last name. In her greencard she was only allowed to change her last name and keep her midddle name. She told me Its a headache now. If she wants to renew her philippine passport. I dont know. She knows better. She processed everything from the start. I know shell figure it out. Lol
  3. In New York, They dont allow the filipino way. my wife filled the AOS form with her legal name using the last name of her father as the middle name and my last name as her last name but during the interview the officer told her she cant do that. The legal way is that she can only change her last name to my last name but use the same middle name. if she wants to change it she has to do the legal name change process.
  4. The certificate for the fiance to keep. Immigration will not be looking for it when she travels.
  5. Hi. I am the benificiary. Flew from cebu to manila..Manila to Lax...Lax to Chicago ..Chicago to Buffalo...hahha long journey but never had any issues..smooth flight and POE check.. Your fiance will be fine..Piece of cake ..hehe
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