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  1. If they have met twice then that is enough proof for USCIS backed with evidence.
  2. @shankybabay if he is not legal in the UK he cannot attend interview in the UK he has to choose Lagos for interview. Also, Has the fiancee visited him in London? How many times?
  3. @Dizzle60 Please ring the court and informed them that the Decree absolute should be stamped with a seal and signature . I did the same when i submitted to USCIS. Its sad that one goes through these things.
  4. @ShayShayyy Thanks for your feedback. I will wait for their letter before taking next step.
  5. @Hank Thanks for your response. We have stamps entry and exit, Flight tickets and boarden passes. Pictures sent is just an addition. We would resend the Pictures without an Album.
  6. @debbiedoo Thanks for your response. I appreciate your feedback. We have Passport stamps, travel ticket; boarden passes etc all included in the application . I will add a few pictures. @DaveAndAnastasia Thank you for feedback . @Pitaya Thank you for your contribution. Just to clarify when sending only the pictures ; Do I send to Dallas Lockbox or the Center where the application is being processed with the receipt number ? Thanks you all
  7. @Limey Thanks for your prompt reply. I really appreciate. I will call the number and send off the pictures right away
  8. Hi All, I wonder if there is anyone that has experienced this issue before. My petitioner filed for K1 and she submitted to USCIS and included an Album with our Pictures to show proof of on- going relationship. Today we received a letter in the box stating " We are returning an item sent in support of your application /Petition , as it is a format we cannot place in your file folder for review by an officer during the adjudication process". The Photo Album was returned , other other documents retained. My question is : 1. Do we need to take off the Pictures from the Album and resend to USCIS or ? Suggestions are welcomed. Please i attached the letter received. LETTER FROM USCIS.pdf
  9. @arken Thank you so much for your swift response. I am going for a K1 visa. Also, How did you do the mathematics? I just want to know for knowledge sake so i understand how to work it out. Hope to hear from you. Regards,
  10. My fiancee is a USC and she has 3 dependants (2 Nephew and 1 Niece) and i am the beneficiary. Her last IRS Tax form for 3 years(2016,2017,2018) in a roll shows $80,600 . My question is if the Poverty Threshold is $26,662 1. How is the calculation done so one has a better understanding of the support scheme 2. Since she is my sponsor will this pose any issue supporting me when going for interview since i am going to submitt the Tax Transcript at the embassy 3. Do i need a Joint sponsor ? 4. Do we qualify at all ? I will appreciate comments and suggestions . Thank you.
  11. @Jorgedig Thanks for the reply . what is the best suggestion? .
  12. Hi All, My fiancée is a USA citizen and wants to file for the mum who currently has a multiple 2yrs visa. Would it be advisable for her to be in the USA while petitioning for her when visiting or when she returns to Nigeria ? Response are welcomed for guide
  13. @DaveAndAnastasia Thank you for your reply. Would it be necesary when filling the form I-134 Affidavit of Support Part 3 question 22a to indicate a name that has been sponsored on I-864 ? Hope to hear from you.
  14. @Penguin_ie Thank you for quick response. So when filling the form I-134 AFFIDAVIT on question 22a part 3 one has to indicate the name of the Person sponsored for I-864 in the application form right? Hope to hear from you. I-134 AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT.pdf
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