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  1. @Richyblaze Please send your number here and we chat on whatsapp
  2. Can you throw more light into what you have just replied.? Are you a Nigerian ? What is your experience with the USA consulate in Nigeria?
  3. I intend to return to Nigeria to attend the interview. Will return at the end of this year. I do not have any criminal record
  4. If you dont have anything to say you might as well not respond. Thank u.
  5. I intend to attend the interview in Lagos I am returning Nigeria Current Legal Status : Appeal right given it was a spouse visa for 5 yrs and filed for a divorce which granted by the court in 2014
  6. I am the beneficiary. So i have to include her flight tickets on both occassion when submitting the application
  7. He did not overstayed. He was given an appeal over his document that was revoked
  8. Question 54 : Attache eveidence to demonstrate that you were in each others physical presence during the required two year period That is the above question in the I-129F application form.
  9. I have an appeal that is ongoing so dont know if the USA check with other countries on applicant applying to their country. I'm from Nigeria.
  10. I have read the instructions before filling the application form.
  11. My question is I just want to know if they share data ? Also, in the application form its stated that one declare if one has a criminal offence which i do not .
  12. My application was refused though was given an appeal and the right to work. So i was thinking would it affect. Also, they are both independent bodies that would not want to breach data protection
  13. Good Afternoon Sir/Ma, I have a few questions to ask for clarity before i send over my Form I-129F as 1. I have lived in two countries for over 6months ( Switzerland and UK) , do i need to include the Police report of the two countries when sending over my I-129F application for the K1 visa ? 2. Does the UK share data with the American embassy even though one has a pending immigration issue cos i ran out of contract with no criminal record 3.I met my fiancee in the UK and she suggested that i apply for the K1 visa . We have been together now for 1.5 yrs and she had visited me twice , met my family and took loads of pictures together with the intention of marrying her in the United State within 90days. Is it a RED flag to state in my personal statement that i met her in the UK though i intend returning back to my country if the USCIS approves it 4. Aside Pictures we took together what other things do i need to add to the Application form?
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