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  1. hey guys!! I'm really having hard times with figuring out what to do in my situation, i really hope i can get some advise from you. I moved to the USA to my husband under CR-1 visa i was issued in Moscow. When i came here i applied to SS number. Since I moved here i haven't gotten any updates from the US Government on what to do next in my case, I haven't gotten GreenCard via mail (like they told me during the interview when they were issuing my CR-1). My CR-1 expires in a couple of months and I'm just lost here and don't know what i have to do here. Thank you in advance for any helpful advice.
  2. Hey! I’ve got an email that NVC and embassy will give me an interview date for IR-1 in Moscow. How long do people usually wait? It’s been ###### 20 days already and no ###### date!
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