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  1. Hello! I am married now and living in the US. I'm currently waiting for my EAD and AP (predicted to come in December). In the meantime I was hoping to volunteer at a non-profit which serves to improve the lives of homeless people aged 12-25. It is clear I'll be a volunteer and the position would not usually be a paid one, eg. participating in food drives & such. However, as it involves helping young people, they are asking me to do a Live Scan background check. Will this raise any flags? Or because it's obviously a volunteer position, am I in the clear? I'm attaching the form they require me to take to the background check as reference. Any advice on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Obviously I don't want to jeopardise any part of my immigration process, but the lines between what you can & cannot do are so blurry... SPY Volunteer Waiver and Livescan Form (Fillable).pdf
  2. Hello! Quick question - when submitting the AOS packet, do I need to include printed evidence of ongoing relationship/joining relationship? For example: pictures from the wedding, joint bank account, etc? Or should I save all that for the in-person interview? I haven't seen anyone else include this on their cover page checklist. Additionally, how are most people submitting all the forms? In a row separated by binder clips? In separate folders? Does it even matter? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello, I have recently entered the US on a K1 VISA. My wife and I got married close to a month ago, and I'm currently in the process of applying for a green card. I am well aware that I'm unable to engage in paid work until permission has been granted. However, I wanted to check the legality of unpaid interning / shadowing / volunteering opportunities... Initially I assumed any unpaid work would be fine. However, I recently heard that even if an internship is unpaid, I wouldn't be able to take it, as it's an opportunity that could be going to American citizen. I'm not sure about the validity of this statement (or even where I even came across it), but regardless I thought it was worth checking here, as obviously I want to keep everything above board. Getting a green card is my top priority and I wouldn't dream of jeopardising this in any way. Thanks in advance for any information regarding this conundrum! Joe
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