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    12/20/02--Married in NYC
    12/30/02--I-130 application sent
    02/25/04--Notice of received
    08/05/05--1st Interview
    12/07/05--Appointment letter for our 2nd interview dated for 04/11/07 (rescheduled).
    01/25/06--2nd interview
    02/16/06--Biometrics done
    05/03/06--Petition approved
    08/18/06--Called reps
    09/14/06--Called the reps. to change address
    09/15/06--Moved and put in a changed of Address(ar-11)
    09/23/06--Letter stating case is processing
    03/01/07--Called reps
    03/28/07--Letter stating case is processing
    03/29/07--Called reps
    05/24/07--Letter stating case is processing
    05/29/07--Infopass. officer said case is still pending, nothing to do but wait.
    06/21/07--infopass. officer said case is still pending, nothing to do but wait.
    08/20/07--Called reps. no letter case is pending.
    10/01/07--called reps. Asked to speak with a supervisor.
    Supervisor said its way outside processing time. They will review why is taking so long.
    11/02/07--DENIAL letter received because we'd missed fingerprints. NEVER got the appointments letters.
    11/02/07--checked online Still said case is pending at the processing site.
    11/02/07--scheduled infopass
    11/06/07--went for infopass. After checking our address and case status online the officer asked us to make copies of everything that we had and to bring it back to her. we did she said to go home and that they are going to review the case and get things sorted out. we should be receiving something from them within a week and that if we did not get anything to schedule and infopass before the 21st of November.
    11/06/07--scheduled an infopass for November 20th.
    11/07/07--Another DENIAL letter stamped on the 1st of November.

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