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  1. Oh yes he has. My Joint Sponsor has met my husband in person and they spent much time together. He is like a father to me and he admires my husband very much. It meant alot to me for them to meet.
  2. Hello USS_Voyager, thank you for your question. Yes I keep in touch with the Senators office and they keep me updated as well. We are watching the CEAC Website now to see if a change will update there or if my husband will get a denial call as in the past from the Embassy. This is the hardest wait we have Ever had. It's more then I would hope for anyone to have to go through. We keep giving them what they request yet they will get it, say they lost it, and find another reason to deny. We are devastated but are now waiting once more.
  3. I truly appreciate your advice and encouragement. Yes, we have done so much. This sponsor is our original of 2 Joint Sponsors that we have submitted to the Embassy. The Senator found out that he was denied because of a letter missing from his documents. We resent all of his documents again to be sure everything was in place, went back 3 years on tax transcripts, and sent a letter. The second sponsor was a family member to my husband yet was denied despite having an annual income of 95,000 for family of 4. We are so confused and devastated. I don't know what else to do. My husband and I comply with all of their requests, it seems they are doing this to us on purpose. But why.
  4. Hello, I am in need of advice please. My husband and I are going through the CR1 Visa process currently and we needed a JointSponsor to overcome the Public Charge under section 212 a 4. A long time family friend who has close ties with my family and is like a father to me is or Joint Sponsor. He is well qualified to be a Sponsor because of meeting the necessary guidelines. The consular denied my husbands visa due to not having a letter from the Joint Sponsor stating the reason he was willing to sponsor us. We never knew this decision until I reached out to a senator in the state I reside in. He inquired with the Embassy and they said this was needed. We submitted all of the Joint Sponsors documents again this time to include 3 years of tax documents and a Letter from the sponsor which was notorized as well. We later received a call from the Embassy saying they lost the Joint sponsor letter. We asked if we could resubmit it yet was told not to at the time. Later in the same week, we received a call from the Embassy telling us to come and retrieve the Passport. They denied us once again. We think it had to do with them losing the Letter. We are heartbroken because we comply with all of their requests. At this point we feel we are re being treated unfairly. My health is being affected by what they are doing to us and it is so hard for us to be apart as we have for so long. My husband traveled 8 hours to resend the Joint Sponsor Letter, and they nw have it so we are waiting on what they will do to us again. Has anyone else gone through a situation like this? Any helpful advice will be most humbly appreciated.
  5. The relationship is like family. The Joint Sponsor is like a father to me. He is also close to my husband, and the two have become close as well. My family and the Joint Sponsors family are close. He stated the nature of our relationship in the Letter of Support. He was very detailed.
  6. It was 212 a 4 which is public charge. For this reason we supplied the necessary information. A sponsor needs to be qualified and ours is. He meets the Guidelines.
  7. So sorry everyone I'm new here so I don't know how to start my own thread. Please kindly tell me how if you don't mind. Thank you
  8. The Joint Sponsor is like a father to me. He is a very close family friend who has been in my life for a number of years. Our families are all close as well. He is also very fond of my husband and has gotten to know him over the past 2 years since we've been married. He sent a written letter stating these things and he even had that letter Notorized. Now we are just waiting for the Embassy to respond.
  9. Hello VJ, I am new he re to this forum but am in need of advice. My husband and I filed for the CR1 Visa after we were married. He has been for his interview at the U.S. Embassy in Accra Ghana, and we were Well Prepared for that day. We needed a Joint Sponsor, and we presented all of the documents on the Sponsors behalf but our application was denied. We later found out that the denial was due to there not being a Letter from the Joint Sponsor included in the documents. We got the letter, had it notorized, and sent it to the Embassy. They waited a few days and called my husband saying they did not have this letter. We were very confused by that but we offered to resubmit it and they said oh no don't worry, we will contact you again soon. The next thing we got was a call to come pick up the Passport but no visa. Instead it was a Public Charge finding. This is confusing due to the fact that we have an over qualified Joint Sponsor. Please we feel as if we are being treated unfairly, yet what do we do now.? We sent a new Letter of Sponsorship, that they lost and we ate waiting for a response from the Embassy. My state senator has been making inquires on our behalf as well. We dont know what to do next. Any good advice would be helpful. Thank you.
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