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  1. Im not on a K1- We are already married but my J1 expired. I just didnt know in which topic I should post this. https://www.uscis.gov/forms/uscis-updates-fee-payment-system-used-field-offices Regarding this, I cant see they mentioned money orders, So is it correct that they arent accepted anymore?
  2. Hi! We are just about to get everything ready to send but I was trying to figure out if Money Orders were still a thing? I was on a news site of the uscis and I couldnt find any Info about Money Orders so I wanted to double check if this is still possible or if its better if we pay by credit card? Lockbox is Chicago and we are sending the following documents: I-130 ($535) I-130A I-485 ($1140+$85) I-864 I-765 I-131 The total should be 1760, is that right? Or am I missing something? (Sorry, we are working with a deadline so Im a little bit stressed and am overthinking) Thanks!
  3. So the birth certificate that I have is already an international one with all the translations on it. It is certified and stamped and all(I got it earlier this year). It just has my Stepfathers name on it, not my original maiden name. (There was a whole court thing going on with custody when I was a child) The one with the maiden name doesnt really exist anymore. I just have a copy that is over 10 years old (If not even older) For the other answers: Thanks a lot! That was super helpful and makes me feel a little better since I filled out most stuff correctly then!
  4. Hello everybody, My husband and I started to fill out our AOS Application yesterday and we're nearly done. But there was a few things during the process that confused me to some extend and we might consult an attorney for this but I just wanted to ask here first, and see what other people know about these things. A little more information about my status: I came to the US on a J1 in 2017 and extended my stay for +9 months(Went to germany to get a new Visa too). Met the husband in my first year and we just recently decided to get married. My Visa expired on May 14th and I am now in the grace period until June 13th. 2 - Year home stay rule does not apply to me. 1. When filling out the documents, I should put my new last name(husbands last name) in the requested fields, is that correct? 2. When I was born, I had a different last name, than when I grew up. (Lets say Muller was the name I was born with, I changed to my stepdads name with 10 years and now I have the hubbys name) My new, translated birth certificate shows my Stepdads last name on the document, should I still put in my birth last name on the AOS? Will I need proof of my old birth certificate? I only have a copy and its not translated either so I wonder if this is super important or if I should just skip this. 3. Employer History: I was an AuPair for 2 different Families. Do I write them down as my employers or the agency that helped me find the families in the first place? (In the end, the family is the one paying me) 4. Form I-485 Number 9 is asking for my most recent address outside the US where I lived more than one year. Before I came to the US, I lived in Germany for a year but at two different addresses and both for less than a year obviously. Before Germany I lived in Switzerland for 3 years at the same address, should I write down this one instead of the german one? 5. Form I-864: Does my husband need to provide a Letter of Employment? I think that is all I need to know for now and couldnt really answer it by myself. It'd be awesome if someone would take their time to help out a lost soul. Thank you SO much in advance if you've read all this.
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