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  1. Hi Guys.. How are you doing. I am here again and seeking your good guidance or advise on what will happen if I update my status from F2B to F1 ( PD NOV2010 / DQ Oct 2020) I am now waiting for the interview and medical. If I do this maybe the interview schedule would be more faster. Thank You
  2. No not yet. I joined a group in FB for the F2B and there was this one girl and she still waiting for 9 months and still got no interview.
  3. around march 08. Original Date that I got DQ was October 2020. Actually the letter was kinda late already. How about you?
  4. Oh how did you know which month they are currently processing? is this base on the Visa Bulletin? Thank you
  5. Yup. I won’t do anything stupid that I will regret in the end. Thanks All for the wonderful response. Stay safe everyone 🙏
  6. Hi Susie thank you so much for reading my post I just want enlightenment on something that I don’t regret in the end and could possibly ruin everything. My PD Nov2010 / DQ October 2020 / F2B.
  7. Hello Guys, I just want to seek your advise regarding on my question if it’s possible to have a interview for immigrant Visa in the United States instead while waiting for the interview schedule here in the Philippines. I already DQ last October 2020 and I have my tourist visa and i am thinking if it’s possible to do that I will have to pay my visa and maybe the process would be faster?. since we are on lockdown and it may take a while to get that schedule and plus the backlogs. I’m just thinking if it would be the best options. Thank you so much for reading my post.
  8. Sure. Let’s see if they will send an email again on June or July for the scheduled Interview.
  9. Not yet, Yes my case were already past current and still waiting for the interview schedule.
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