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  1. You people already think it's TRUE. Proving my point it effects people. Is harmful information.. has no place in the immigration process..
  2. You can let the government use false information about you.. not me.. I will not stand by and let then use false information on me. Judge me on untrue judgment. I don't have to even explain it.. I don't have to mention it. It just is. Can't be used against me. They are forcing it on me. With all arrest history. Knowing that that's a illegal statement.. knowing that it will effect me.. then they want it in the packet to involve my wife? That's messed up..why is this untrue information keep being used against me..I'm not in politics.. I have rights. I'm a us citizen.. live and work her with no criminal record besides false information.
  3. They can't use it and are forcing the issue. I'm getting harmmed from false information.
  4. Why force the untrue information onto my family? Why force the arrest information? Why force the false information onto my life? Why does this information have to keep causing my life issues.
  5. It's illegal to use untrue bill again me for evaluations. What do you not understand? Has nothing to do with her knowing. She already knows. Why are you guys going off topic. If you dont know about untrue Bill's then say so..
  6. I never said I didn't tell her.. where are you guys going with this? I'm guilty. Just like the system?
  7. I never said I wouldn't say I was arrest. Your drawing conclusions again.. I said I'm forced to.. will have to. Then I'll have to sue. I'm being evaluated on false information
  8. See now people are calling me a troll. For point out the facts about what the system is forcing me to do. Using untrue information against me. Then Using it on my wifey. I have to put it in the packet. Then they'll tell my wifey.. why cause all the problems for me? I did nothing wrong and I'm going to get harrassed for it. It's like I'm guilty. I'm not and don't deserve to be treated in that way at all. They are spreading false conclusions..
  9. It's illegal to use untrue information against me. I have done nothing wrong. I'm not in politics. I have rights..
  10. I'm 100% correct. They can't use it against me. If they tell my wifey. That's harassment. I can sue for alot of damages..The arrest its self Is based off false information. Can't be used at all against me..
  11. Do you guys understand. They can't use a untrue bill. So can't ask for all arrest records.. its illegal. That statement alone make it void. I'm sure they have a gimmick where they'll say it didn't say to provide it.. they did. They are forcing me to provide information that falsely represents my case.
  12. More gimmicks to try to make me release information that false represents my case. It's not to identify me.
  13. I'm never said I would lie. I saying why do i have to provide any information at all if its untrue bill..why is a false claim still being used against me?
  14. Why does my girl need to know? Why does it need to be in the packet? If its false (untrue bill) she doesn't need to know. Why do I need to discriminate against my self so the government can use it ask a risk assessment against me or my loved one.. Witch is illegal.. I have done no crime and being forced to release information that falsely represents my case..
  15. They don't need to know that's why and its illegal for them to ask about it. They can't say it's not being used as a risk assessment. Because it is making it a illegal act and my rights get violated. You either stand up for your rights or you have no rights. Rights just like everywhere else have to be maintained. It's not a guaranteed thing.. they list every arrest nowing it could be untrue charge. When I rejoined the military they did the same thing. It's illegal. They can't ask about a untrue charge, arrest, or other untrue bill. Its discrimination based on the fact they list it with every other arrest by not separating it from the other arrests. They like trick you into discriminate against your self. Never allow the government to trick you Into hurting your self
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