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  1. We've been calling the NVC every week. And this week we found out that it had only been posted last week. I'm just wondering how long it would take for it to arrive at the NVC and how long it would be until we can move on to the next step.
  2. Hello! A couple of weeks ago I posted about our K1 visa petition being approved on 21st June 2019 and still not having heard anything from the NVC to date. Well, we are still waiting for the NVC to receive our approved petition from USCIS. This is because USCIS only sent the approved petition to the NVC on 5th August, over six weeks after approving it. Is this kind of thing usual? I mean are USCIS always this slow on posting out approved petitions? And should me and my fiancee expect another long wait until we hear anything from the NVC? I know all cases are different so I'm not expecting anything concrete just some rough ideas! Also we only know that USCIS sent the petition on the 5th because my fiancee, who is the petitioner, spent almost two hours on the phone to USCIS and the NVC yesterday. As everyone is aware getting through the phone system to be able to speak to a human is hard! Cheers!
  3. I will! And thanks for allowing me the space to vent my frustrations a little!
  4. Hi! I'm hanging in there although it seems as though it is taking forever! Our NOA2 is dated 20th June 2019 and still nothing from the NVC... As mentioned my fiancee called them today and they still haven't got it... I guess we just keep on waiting then! Thank you for your response!
  5. Yeah, my fiancée called today got told that they still haven't got it.
  6. Hello! I wrote a topic a couple of weeks ago about getting in contact with the NVC about an approved case after a period of four weeks. To date it has been over six weeks since USCIS sent our approved K1 petition to the NVC and they still haven't received it and therefore do not have our case on their systems. The first time we called to ask if if the NVC had received the petition we were told that its taking about six weeks for them to get the petition from USCIS. Now it has been over six weeks and still nothing. My fiancee has been given an email address to ask about the status of our case so maybe we will get some answers sometime soon. How many of you have had to wait over six weeks for your case to be received by the NVC after being approved by USCIS? And how long was it from approval to receipt by the NVC? Thank you!
  7. Thank you! You've been a great help! This is very handy information.
  8. Thanks for the information! Where would I find the list of shots needed? Is it on the department of state website? Does the I-134 need to be mailed? As I'm going over to see her in three weeks and I could bring the completed form, with required evidence, back with me.
  9. Hello my fiancee, who is the petitioner, received our K1 approval letter from USCIS on June 20th 2019 and so far we have heard nothing from the NVC. In the letter it states that she will be mailed a notification when NVC has sent the petition on the US consulate, it also states that a minimum of thirty days should be allowed before contacting the NVC to check on the status of our petition. As it has been almost 40 days she has sent an email to NVCINQUIRY@state.gov to try to find out the current status of our petition. Is it normal to wait for to mailed confirmation from NVC or should we be calling them and sending them emails to get the process moving? Can people who have been through this process share their experiences, please? After the excitement of the USCIS approval letter this last moth and a bit has just been waiting around... I feel as though me and my fiancee could be doing something more at the moment. Maybe I'm wrong and we need to continue to wait. Anyway, any information will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  10. Thank you very much! This is what I thought when we sent the petition off in February but I wanted to make sure by asking the great people on this site. Thanks again for your answer it, as well as many others, have been helpful at putting my overthinking brain at ease!
  11. I did change that!I I've had a long day! And yes I know it isn't cheaper but we chose it as it seems to be the quickest option, for us being together. We thought about it before filling in the petition and we knew that there would be a period of time where I wouldn't be able to work. And we are working towards making that easy as possible!
  12. We chose the K1 as we wanted our time apart to less than a year. Also waiting for the K1 has given us the opportunity to get our finances sorted out. So however long it takes for until I'm able to work I'll have some money to keep myself afloat.
  13. Working is not the priority. I was just wondering how long it would be until I was able to work. my fiancee has the funds to be able to support us both but I want to be able to go over with a decent amount of savings so I'm not dependant on her while I'm waiting for my work permit.
  14. Thank you for your reply! I thought that was the case but I got a little confused with the validity of the K1 visa! I think I understand everything much better again now!
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