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  1. Hey everyone, Okay so I have some questions regarding the Affidavit of Support (I-134) and joint sponsors If the petitioner dosent fully meet income requirements (student), do we complete an I-134 form for BOTH the petitioner and a joint sponsor? If a joint sponsor is used (a parent for example), can the joint sponsor (parent) include the spouses (other parent) income as well as assets or something...idk if that makes sense? if so...how? What documents am I required to bring to the interview regarding financial stuff (I-134, tax returns, etc). When the embassy received my petition, I got an email saying they need me to bring the I-134 as well with last years tax returns...is it safe to assume that this is all I need or is there anything else I can bring to prove I won't be a public charge? If so, what? From my understanding, not all embassies accept joint sponsors. How do I find out if my embassy accepts them (I think they do but I just want to make sure)? Cheers, Dan
  2. thank you!! thats what it was! problem solved :))
  3. Hey guys, I have a very important question regarding the DS-160 application but before that, a little background: We applied for K1 fiancee visa this past summer and got our acceptance and all. I have a dual citizenship (Romanian and Canadian), and when applying for the K1 visa, I applied as a Canadian. As I mentioned before, we were accepted and now we are at the embassy phase. While filling out the DS-160, I encountered an error and I don't know how to fix it... at the end of the first section titled "personal information 1" it asks for my place of birth which is Romania. the next section, "personal information 2," asks for country/region of origin (nationality)...do I put CANADA here or ROMANIA? the problem is this -- I'm thinking that since I applied as a Canadian, I put Canada for that part...however, the question after asks if I hold/have held any other nationality besides the Canada one which I would assumed to put "yes" since I am also Romanian. to add to this, the question after that asks if I am a permanent resident of any other country which in my case would be yes since I am also Romanian When I do that and continue, I get an error (look at attachments)...whats the problem here? It says it has already been entered!! Could it be that since I put my birthplace (Romania) it automatically knows I'm a Romanian resident and national alongside Canada? I don't know if this whole explanation makes sense, but maybe the photos attached will clear things up! Cheers, Dan
  4. Thank you to everyone that replied! We appreciate every one of you
  5. Hey guys! My fiancee and I completed our K1 Visa application package and were thinking to send it out tomorrow but I just thought of something: We would like to get married in July/August of next year (2020). Would it be too early to apply tomorrow? I am asking because I know you have 4 months from the moment of acceptance to enter the USA and get married. Say I get accepted in like 6/7 months and get the interview for January or February. If I would get accepted around January/February, I would still be in school till July and would not be able to come till then. Essentially, I would need more than four months to enter the States. That being said, my questions are -- Is it too early to apply tomorrow? If I get accepted early, can I schedule my interview for a later date? Is it possible to get an extension once you get accepted so that you have more than four months to enter? I will be in Romania and will have my interview at the US Consulate in Bucharest, Romania. Thank you for taking the time to answer Cheers, Dan
  6. Okay perfect thank you! Another thing, what's the difference between "Beneficiary's Physical Address 1" (in question 12-13 of part 2) and "Your Beneficiary's Physical Address Abroad" (in question 47-48 of part 2)...are they not the same? Dan
  7. THANK YOU! And yea that would be perfect, it would be best to have my interview here in Romania since I'd be here anyway. Is this where Part 2 Question 62 comes in (Consular Processing Information)? Would I put the local embassy there? Cheers, Dan
  8. Okay so, my fiancee and I are currently in the process of filling out the K1 visa and I have a question that I can't seem to find anywhere: I was born in Romania (so I have Romanian citizenship) then immigrated to Canada and lived there for 16 years (so I also have a Canadian citizenship), therefore giving me the dual citizenship title. That being said, I am currently studying abroad (in Romania) and will be until the end of next year (a time by which we should hopefully have gotten our K1 visa all approved). I want to apply as a Canadian in Part 2 Question 9 in the I-129F petition. Is that okay? Can I put "Canada" in Part 2 Question 9 then give my current ROMANIAN address in the following question where it asks for my mailing address? I don't know if this makes sense but hey, I'll put this question out there because who knows, maybe there are others in the same boat as us! Thanks, Dan
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