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  1. Well, 7 weeks later and definitely did not get good news from NVC. Actually I would consider this review a complete failure. I'll share all my mistakes to hopefully prevent others from making the same. 1. I have no clue what's up with my Tax Transcript / Return document. I have never filed taxes as I have always been a student and now recently am unemployed (even when I did have a student worker job, I made way below the requirement to file). As such I had uploaded an Explanation of Not Filing with evidence two times--one under the required Tax Transcript / Return document and another under the Additional Documents for the specific type of document "Explanation for Not Filing Taxes." Both of these documents were technically accepted but now they are both under Additional Documents and under the same Document Type. The Tax Transcript / Return document is marked as missing and I have no clue what to do. 2. One of husband's police certificates was rejected because it did not meet the requirements of being "from a correct issuing authority." We aren't for sure what this means but I think in Argentina there are two types of certificates one "con excepción al artículo 51 del código penal." And I am assuming what we submitted does not include that annotation so that means requesting that and waiting to get it translated 😭 3. Finally, which this was an issue another member had in this same thread I believe (and I remember reading it and thinking, "oh no. I wonder if this applies to me?" and SURE ENOUGH), my joint sponsor was rejected because she technically should have filed the i-864A. Basically, it's my mother and I didn't realize since she and I technically share the same physical address she needed to file as a household member and not as a joint sponsor. So, like I said, complete failure on my part with the first round of NVC. This will take a few weeks to get everything together and sorted out and then I'll hope that round two doesn't last as long but I certainly have no hope that it will be any shorter. This process has taken years off my life lol. I hope y'all can learn from my mistakes at least (and if anyone has had the same issue as #1, please help). Good luck and I hope you all get DQ'd the FIRST TIME! lol
  2. Hi all. After 7 weeks of waiting, got the dreadful email from NVC that several of my documents have been rejected and one marked as missing. I have been a student for the past three tax transcript years and have been unemployed since graduating. While I was a student I had a part time student job but made far below the requirements to ever file taxes. When I uploaded to CEAC under the required document for the Tax Return I uploaded an "Explanation for Not Filing Taxes" and I also uploaded the same document under the Additional Documents under the specific document type for this document. They accepted both things and moved the document I uploaded for the Tax Return Transcript to Additional Documents and marked "Federal Income Tax Return/Transcript" as missing. I don't know what to do. I had requested a letter from the IRS in November and never received anything. I am really stuck on what to do. I am abroad right now so trying to call NVC is going to be pointless. Has anyone had this happen to them or know what I am supposed to do?
  3. Hello! I am looking at CEAC now under the i-864 documentation. What's the different between Submitted and Uploaded? I have a joint sponsor and I didn't realize yesterday there was a place to add her until I had already uploaded her i-864 to my Additional AOS Documentation. Once I realized I could add her, I deleted her form from mine but did not upload hers as it took about 8 hours for the Request for Joint Sponsor to go through. But when I checked it this morning, the i-864 form was already "Submitted" giving me no option to view, edit, or delete and now I am worried. Has anyone had this happen to them? Also this might not be the right forum but I was wondering how many of you got certified translations birth certificates and police clearances? We have a certified translation of our marriage certificate but do we also need them same for the above documents? I am reading a lot of conflicting information. I wanted to translate those documents myself as I am a native English speaker and have a BA in Spanish but like I've said, there is way too much contradictory info on the internet as well as VJ. On the FAQ page of the State Dept. it seems pretty simple that the person just needs to attach an explanation of how they are certain what they've written is correct. I think my translations were pretty good but I'd hate to get an RFE for them but I also hate having to wait another week or two for our translator to get the work done. Again, sorry if this is not supposed to be here.
  4. I am awaiting a Case Number from NVC. Our i-130 was approved in Nebraska at the beginning of the month. So now I am just preemptively preparing the Affidavits of Support so I can submit the documents as soon as I can pay the fees.
  5. Hey y'all! I have a couple of (probably dumb) questions about joint sponsoring for my husband, the beneficiary. I was a student up until a few months ago and only worked part-time jobs leading me not to have to file taxes. I have all the evidence prepared to submit why I did not file the past three years. Now, I am unemployed so I am using my mother as my only joint sponsor. When I am filling out my i-864, is there anywhere to put that I have a joint sponsor?? I only see things to fill out if you have household members contributing with i-864A. In Part 1, 1.e does say first or second joint sponsor but I was under the impression that that refers to a Primary Sponsor (me), one joint sponsor, and a second joint sponsor? Or is it first of two joint sponsors = me and my mother would check second of two joint sponsors?? Another question for my application: for Part 7. is says you are NOT required to complete this section IF your income exceeds FPG. Obviously...it does not but my assets, as an unemployed, property-less recent graduate...the assets I do have are unimpressive and basically irrelevant in my opinion. Do I still need to fill out No. 1 at least? Another question, if my mother's income meets the FPG, we shouldn't have my dad file the i-864A, correct? Or should be file just to be extra "HERE, LOOK, NO PUBLIC CHARGE-TO-BE WITH THIS ONE!" This is so stressful because I've researched and read the Instructions provided by USCIS un mil veces and yet, I am still so lost. Any and all help is appreciated.
  6. Case Approved by NCS on October 2, 2019 Case Sent to Department of State on October 9, 2019 Woohoo!!
  7. Great news to share today! FINALLY, we were approved yesterday! Almost 400 days later and I called USCIS this morning and spoke with a Tier 2 Officer and he said our case was approved yesterday. He also told me the website basically never updates...and I was like...then what's the point of the website? LOL. But anyways, so happy we're approved. Hate that it took as long as it did but finally, we were not forgotten. NOA1: Sept. 4th, 2018 NOA2: Oct. 2nd, 2019
  8. Day 389 here....still nothing and didn't file K3 because when I first heard about it in July I thought it was too late to file, thinking we'd hear soon enough without it. I am so mad at myself for not filing but oh well, I shouldn't have to file something for them to approve the i-130...it's their bad system. I did submit an inquest with my Representative in July and I spoke with the case worker today. She told me that my petition is with an officer and that if we don't hear anything in three days that she will call back but that's also what she told me two weeks ago. This process feels endless..when we applied over a year ago the estimated processing time was 5-7 months...now it has doubled. It's truly unfair.
  9. Happy One Year Anniversary to our NOA1! 🙄 Hope we get an approval soon but knowing my luck, it will be an RFE. 😪
  10. Congratulations! BTW, i keep seeing this old vs. new site thing? Can someone explain which is which?
  11. Wow thanks! That's a relief. Could you explain what you mean about "updated later"? How can I go about getting them the right info?
  12. Yeah I am hoping to hear soon, but a lot of people stuck at Nebraska have been filing K3 because when the deny it, they approve the i-130 and a lot of us having been waiting for almost a year or longer. We haven't decided to file it yet but like 7 people just the past week have gotten their i-130 approved because they sent in i-129. Oh the joys of immigration!
  13. Well...they've had my application for almost a year now, so there's nothing I can do now except wait to get in trouble for improperly filing or misinformation 🙄 Thanks anyway for the clarification.
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