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  1. Wow thanks! That's a relief. Could you explain what you mean about "updated later"? How can I go about getting them the right info?
  2. Yeah I am hoping to hear soon, but a lot of people stuck at Nebraska have been filing K3 because when the deny it, they approve the i-130 and a lot of us having been waiting for almost a year or longer. We haven't decided to file it yet but like 7 people just the past week have gotten their i-130 approved because they sent in i-129. Oh the joys of immigration!
  3. Well...they've had my application for almost a year now, so there's nothing I can do now except wait to get in trouble for improperly filing or misinformation 🙄 Thanks anyway for the clarification.
  4. I don't understand why though. For each country, I was only there for four months and lived on a campus or with a host family. As for the places I lived while in college, they were all apartments specifically for student housing or they were dorms on the campus--I never had to pay property taxes, direct utility bills, nor did I ever receive any mail there. I also never lived in these places for more than 6 months; in fact for one, I only lived there a month!
  5. Hello! After being so jealous of all the K3 filers from Nebraska who've been getting their i-130s approved because they've sent in the i-129, I've decided to jump the gun and do it. Now that I am filing again and filling out the paperwork again, I am concerned once again by what I (the petitioner) need to list under Address History. When I got married, I was still a student at university. For my physical address I only listed one: the house my parents lived in and the house I moved back into after I graduated. During my time at university, I lived in five different apartments/dorm rooms and studied abroad twice (so there's two addresses abroad). Surely I am not supposed to list all of those, right? Sorry if this is the dumbest question in the world. Even if I should put them should I NOT list them because I didn't list them on i-130? Thanks! Also sorry if this is under the wrong thread. I never know!
  6. I am not sure of the official answer, but I do know we had an official translate it because we were also told (I believe by the Argentine government) that it needed an Apostille stamp, so our translator was able to translate the documents and get the stamp. Of course, I haven't heard anything for NSC so that could be wrong. I translated messages and the affidavits of our family members myself. But I would say the safest route is to get it professionally done by a third party.
  7. Congrats! I am so happy for you! I know how hard the wait has been for you. ❤️
  8. I feel like this has been touched on already but now I can't find it. If you file the i-129F much later than filing the i-130, do you pay the $535 fee or is it free to file if you've filed the i-130? I feel like I saw that it was free somewhere on a forum but the website makes it seem like you definitely need to pay the fee. If my NOA1 date is Sept. 4 2018, spending another $535 doesn't seem worth it. And they for sure don't deserve our money 😂
  9. Oh this is just insanity...We may be losing it by I mean, NSC has LOST it. "It" as in the ability to serve the American people in a respectful and timely manner. This is just ridiculous. My heart breaks for all of us.
  10. I feel this so much! I feel like I've literally put my "real life" in the U.S. on hold to live with my husband overseas. I am glad we can be together so I am thankful for that but at the same time...love is NOT ALL YOU NEED, Beatles, haha. I am a September filer too and when we applied I felt like we were going to hear back so soon...and nothing...and nothing more to come for a good while. I feel your pain, truly.
  11. Three years, I can't imagine! You are amazing! I so hope you and your husband are approved soon and are able to move to Florida! I am putting off law school until we are approved so I am very eager to return. I can't imagine being in Argentina with nothing to do for 3 years.. 😓
  12. I've been reading a bit through this forum but I definitely did not read it all the way through so if this has been asked/touched on--sorry but I guess I just need to vent because my husband doesn't exactly feel the same way as I do (he's from Venezuela and is used to the government doing what it wants with your life). I remember filing in August and seeing a 5-7 mo. waiting period so imagine my surprise and despair when Nebraska slowed to a practical stop after that and is now giving us a 10-13 mo. wait for U.S. Citizens. I am currently living abroad on a tourist visa in Argentina with my husband and have been traveling back and forth between the U.S. and Argentina since we met (and obviously running out of money doing this, lol). I haven't been able to find a job here and am dying of boredom and the never ending wait. Is there anything we can do? At all? Call NBC? Call Congress? Tweet Donald Trump? I would do anything, haha. It's so disappointing that Nebraska is taking this long when other centers are months ahead. I'm losing patience and hope that this process will ever be over :(. I just need something TO DO.
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