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  1. I spent a significant of time in Bahrain with her, but haven’t met her immediate family. She lives with them now, but if they knew about us they would most likely kick her out or keep her from leaving the house. She’s 25, but traditionally people live at home till they are married and they wouldn’t approve of me ever.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I searched a bit regarding Bahrain but wasn’t able to find much. Hopefully we don’t have much issue, she doesn’t practice Islam anymore, just participates for her family’s sake. While her family would disapprove, my family has met her and approves of us and hopefully that would be enough. She plans to explain to the interviewer that she doesn’t practice Islam personally anymore, and hopefully that would be enough?
  3. Does anyone know how the fiancé visa process works if my beneficiary is a Bahraini and comes from a Shi’a family? Would she need any sort of permission from her family before she is granted a K1 visa or because we would get married in the states it wouldn’t matter. I ask because she wants to keep her family out of this process as they wouldn’t approve of us being together because I am not Muslim, but not sure if Bahraini law/ or anything to do with her parents would prohibit her from getting the fiancé visa. We just submitted our i129f. any info on this would be helpful. Thank you.
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