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  1. Yes, I did include a translation but at the bottom it read "illegible seal" maybe because on my husbands the seal is hard to read? But with some research, ive read that they want the complete original which is almost impossible to get. Ive talked to others from Honduras who said they sent the same copy and it was accepted.
  2. My husband is adjusting status through me a USC. On june 12th USCIS received our case and began working on it. on August 16th, 2019 we received an RFIE which states: Submit a copy of the primary birth record issued by the appropriate civil authority for the applicant. The U.S Department of states visa reciprocity and civil documents indicates the only acceptable document is the Copy of Birth Folio, "Copia de Folio del Libro de Nacimientos." If the Copy of Birth, "Copia de Folio del Libro de Nacimientos," is not available , you must submit acceptable secondary evidence AND a letter from the government or other authority. Examples of acceptable secondary evidence may include, but is not limited to; church or school records, listing your parents names and your date of birth; hospital records of your birth; or other official records indicating a country and record of birth. Im so confused because we sent his birth certificate. I have attached a copy of what the one we sent looked like. It is not my image, I got it from google. Ive been doing some research and Im coming up with copies of stuff we cannot get easily, if at all. Im so scared that my husband wont get accepted over this. Anyone in a similar situation?
  3. Pleas help! What did the copy look like? I think we sent USCIS the wrong one! Let me know if you get this
  4. Hello everybody, my husband is currently addressing his status through me. I need the income requirements necessary to sponsor him, but I still received a request for initial evidence from USCIS asking for me to provide a joint sponsor. We have a joint sponsor that is willing, it is my husband's brother-in-law. My husband's brother-in-law also sponsors my husband's sister, who is right now a resident. My question is this, since my husband's joint sponsor makes enough to sponsor my husband but files taxes jointly with his wife, does his wife need to also fill out the i-864a form? Again, the Joint sponsor makes enough that his wife's income is not needed. If she does need to fill out the I - 864a form, will it matter that she herself is a resident being sponsored by her husband, ( who will also be our sponsor)? If she needs to fill out that form, do we need to include her tax transcripts and her w2s and her pay stubs? She is not a citizen, does this matter?
  5. I know this, my question is for my hisbands AOS, I was just giving a back story to our sponsors situation. Husbands brother will be the joint sponsor. His wife just happens to be going through her own thing. Did you read my questions? I'm wondering of them amending their taxes with affect the joint sponsorship for my husband And if joint sponsors wife has to fill out an i-864a
  6. Hey guys!! My joint sponsor is already sponsoring his wife who is going through ROC right now. They file jointly but recently discovered that this whole time the taxes were filed as single instead of married so they are working on getting them ammended. I have two questions. Will that affect the joint sponsorship? And second Does my joint sponsors wife have to fill out an I-864a along with the joint sponsors I-864?
  7. Would anyone be willing to share the cover letter they used for an accepted ead expedite?
  8. I'm hoping my husband who adjusted status through me will get his EAD soon. Just curious on others timeline is all. I'm aware I can check on this site but under the AOS timelines it doesnt specify if they got their EAD first or not.
  9. Hello! My husband recently filed for adjustment of status through me, a USC. USCIS recieved our case on June 12th, 2019. We dont have the bio appointment yet so I'm wondering if we are even eligible to request an expedite on his EAD? His previous place of employment really wants him back, and are even short staffed but he cant go back until he gets his EAD. So I'm wondering what the process is, and if we even CAN or if we have to wait longer. ***What should the letter from his employer state if we are to send that also?
  10. Can we even qualify? They only recently accepted our case on June 12th, isn't that too soon?
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