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  1. I have an AOS pending and just received an RFE asking for proof of lawful entry. I'm a Canadian citizen and arrived to the US via land entry using my Nexus Card. I have no stamp and no I-94. I looked up my travel history in the I-94 website and it is showing 3 more entries into the US with my passport number that wasn't from me. I figured out after a while that those entries are from when my twin brother ( same initials, thanks mom) came to visit me from Canada with his passport and now they are showing up on my travel history under my passport number. I have like a 45 days to respond to USCIS with proof of my lawful entry and that I haven't left the country and now I have to deal with this mess. I don't even know how to go about proving to them that those entries weren't mine. I know they they probably have the real information somewhere, but it's unaccessible to me. I was told by Nexus that I have to file a FOIA request with CBP to see my travel entry / exit history which will take way longer than I have to respond. Help! Does anyone have any suggestions? I can't even believe they I have to deal with this glitchy problem their software has created for me.
  2. It's an rfie on my I-485 and my wife's I-130 petition. On the I-485 they are requesting a long form birth certificate, which was never issued in Canada at my time of birth. I ordered one last night. They also want my travel records. (proof of lawful entry). I entered at a Canada/US land entry and I'm sure my lawyer sent in my I 94. On my wifes i-130 petition they are basically requesting proof of financial ties and proof of our intenet of have a life together. My lawyer didn't send in any evidence of our bona fide marriage with our original package. I didn't understand this, but I trusted that they are an immigration lawyers office which should know what is required by USCIS. I guess I figured proof of bona fide marriage would be addressed in our interview at the field office. Apparently not. We own a house and have been living together for the past year and have all the evidence, but now I just feel that my case has been mishandled by my lawyer. I'll be speaking with him today about why these requests weren't sent with our initial application. I'm glad to hear about the clock not being reset at least. I just wish I was getting my work permit now instead. My field office is Seattle, which has a 12 - 24 processing time for interviews so an interview before work permit would be highly unlikely.
  3. I'm at 255 days as well and all I've received is a request for initial evidence 5 days ago. I can't even fathom why it took USCIS 9 months to send a request for initial evidence. I'll find out what they're asking for when I get the letter. I've heard a request for initial evidence resets the clock back to day 1? Can anyone actually confirm or deny this? Either my lawyer screwed up or USCIS is asking for something that they already have. Either way my wife and I are the ones who are paying the price. I can't even believe the disfunction that's going on. We've paid good money to lawyers and to USCIS to receive benefits that we're entitled to and I haven't received anything but emptied out bank accounts and financial hardship from trying to live for the past 9 months without any means of earning an income.
  4. Mine has been received since Nov 23rd and nothing. Ive submitted 2 "out of normal processing time" requests for my ead and advances parole. Last night I got RFIE notice for i - 485 and i - 130. #######? 9 months of waiting and crickets and I get this now? I've used a lawyer who knows what he's doing and I'm confident that everything was sent. My wife (USC) goes for surgery today and is going to be off work for a month. Now I don't even have an EAD after 9 months, only 2 rfie. I'm so upset. I'm Canadian and literally only live 20 miles from the Canadian border which I haven't been able to cross for the past 9 months to see my family or friends. Sorry for the rant everyone, I'm just so upset at this whole unjust process. I don't even know what to think anymore. Dies anyone know if my EAD still gets processed or is everything at a standstill now for me?
  5. 220 days since "case was received" for us as well. Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians on this journey. It would be so fitting to have my EAD approved today!
  6. I just read that acticle as well. eeek it makes me nervous becuase I have little faith in USCIS to handle moving and handling of cases in any sort of order of sequence. I'm at 207 days today with no movement in EAD/EP or even have my i 485 ready to schedule for interview and I fear that if my case would get transfered it would just end up under a giant random pile of boxes. It is obviously a step in the right direction for future cases at places like National Benefits Center but I just hope they organize the moving of people's applications.
  7. I'm at 202 days of waitinh today with no activity. It's been 164 days since my fingerprint review was done and like everone else I really need my EAD/AP soon. My case "is being worked on" (yeah right) at National Benefits Center and they'll "notify me once they've made a decision or need anything from me". Does anyone know if I'm going to have to wait for my i 485 to move to "ready to schedule for an interview" before I would receive my combo card? I've filed concurrently at Chicago Lockbox. i485, i765, i130, i131. Receive date Nov 23 2018. Thanks
  8. Hi everyone. I'm a November 2018 AOS family based filer and haven't had any movement on my case since bio was done in Dec. Here's some info I found. Director of USCIS May 23 2019 response letter to 36 bipartisan congressman demanding answers to "crisis level" case processing times: https://www.aila.org/advo-media/whats-happening-in-congress/congressional-updates/uscis-responds-to-bipartisan-senate-letter
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