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  1. I would like to share an update on my case. It was updated again for the second time on May 28, 2019. Then, from AP, it was changed to READY on June 4, 2019. What should I expect from this point? The CEAC status is telling me to follow an appointment schedule provided by NVC or a notification from the US Embassy Manila. Anybody here who has an idea what this means as I do not have any appointment created. Or perhaps they will e-mail me if my visa is approved or ready? I am not sure. Anybody who has an idea? Thanks!
  2. Greenbaum, thank you very much for taking time read and reply to my post. I think your advice for me to keep watch at this point will be most appropriate. I will keep my post updated as to what is happening so that people with similar cases as mine be helped as well. Thank you so much!
  3. I had my interview last May 16. I was issued a 221g slip, it's color is white and I don't really know if the color does matter as it could indicate the category of the 221g issued to me. The CO was asking for chat logs and said I have to send my passport with the said requested document. I was able to send it last May 22 and checked my status if there was any update. It said "updated" today, May 24. I am just wondering if there is a possibility that my visa be denied under such circumstance. My fiancé and I are anxious on how long this would take as I have been reading many cases online and not many of them are positive. Thanks for reading and replying.
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