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  1. I have seen a few topics similar to this on here after a search, but some were pretty old and I haven’t been able to find my own situation exactly. I have health insurance through my employer. Shortly after my hubbs and I were married in February this year, I added him to my policy. However, our insurance cards only have my name, and I do not get monthly statements because it just comes out of my paycheck. I can show this, but it just says a line item of “Health”. The only thing I can find that shows his name is on the Blue Cross Blue Shield website, where there is a page that says who is covered. It doesn’t show any dates, but it does show that the plan is “Active” and that I am the enrollee, along with my contract number. My HR person did also email them yesterday asking if we could get a letter affirming our coverage and that hubbs has been enrolled since x date through me. Will a screenshot of that webpage along with the letter be strong enough evidence to include with our I-130 packet?
  2. No, I'm afraid they do not stamp passports for land crossing between US and Canada! Thank you for the link. Searching for my own info did not turn anything up, but I will try my husband's once he is done with work. Thanks again for your help and support. 🙂
  3. Thanks for your reply! Most of our travelling together has been by car since we live fairly close to each other. However, we do cross the border by land almost weekly—do you know if there's an easy way to obtain record of that? The only way I can find is a FOIA request, which the estimation says will take at least 37 days for a "simple" request. I would rather not wait that long to submit if this will not significantly increase the chances of success for our application's acceptance.
  4. Oh good, even more of a relief. Thank you! We've been together for nearly a decade and are more than ready to be able to live under one roof at last. Naturally, we're pretty eager to mitigate any unnecessary delay to the best of our ability. 🙃
  5. Thank you all for your replies, they come as a huge relief! On a somewhat related note, I originally just gathered a handful that showed us together over the years with labels as to the date and setting for each photo. I only have about 20 total at the moment, having tried to limit to 1 or 2 from each year since we started dating in 2010. Is this too few, or an appropriate number?
  6. Hi there, We are trying to gather evidence to prove our marriage is bona fide. My husband is Canadian, living in Canada still—I am a US citizen, living in the US. Because we have never lived together, we do not have many of the suggested items (no joint lease, very little co-mingling of finances, no children...), and are relying heavily on other forms of proof such as photos together, tickets from visits or events we attended together. EDIT: I also made sure he's my primary beneficiary on life insurance and retirement accounts, and added him to my health insurance policy. We do not have access to any logs of our chat messages from when we first started talking to each other in 2007, but I do have a lot of messages from Facebook (which was our primary method of communication for quite some time). However, when I went to download and export our thread, I realized it is ~1,500 pages. My question is whether I really ought to include all of these in our packet? Or should I maybe take a page or two from each of the years I have logs for? Just trying to avoid a nightmare printing an assembling that monster if it's not even recommended...
  7. Hello all, I am a US citizen born to parents who were both US citizens at the time. My father was in the US military and stationed in Panama at the time of my birth. I lived in Panama for the first ~2 years of my life, but have otherwise lived in the US my entire life (including currently). I have a Panamanian birth certificate, as well as a CRBA. I married a Canadian citizen in February this year, and am currently preparing form I-130 to petition for my spouse to obtain a GC and move to the US to live with me (at last!). I am stumped however already on page 2, Item 37, which states: My citizenship was acquired through: Birth in the US Naturalization Parents Because I was born in Panama but have a CRBA, should I select option 3? If so, is my CRBA considered a "Certificate of Citizenship" to answer Item 39 a–c (cert. #, place and of issuance) ? Thanks for your help in advance!
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