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  1. Hi! I've searched the forums pretty extensively and I haven't seen anything about the issue I'm facing. My now spouse (UK citizen) entered the US on a K1 in June. We got married shortly after that. He has a SSN and has yet to work in the US since arriving. We want to file jointly and are using Turbo Tax (I'm paying extra to be able to state his Foreign Earned Income to then be excluded) and are treating him as a US resident since he passes the physical presence test. My issue is that, after I have completed the steps in the Foreign Earned Income section on Turbo Tax, it generated the exclusion value to be 0 and showed the below message. Has anyone else dealt with this, and if so, how can I correct it? Thanks!
  2. Hi! We are waiting on my husband's I-485 approval and received the EAD card that has Advanced Parole. If we travel outside of the country and upon reentey into the US, would my husband need to fill out/apply for the ESTA or is the EAD/AP card enough? I'm assuming there's no need for the ESTA, but haven't seen this answered anywhere, so I just want to be thorough and make sure. Thanks!
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