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  1. Congratulations to everyone who's passed the interview!! Can you share with us your experience, some tips/ advise on how the interview went? Thank you!! @GrowingPlants @Claudio Romero @summer eyes @ANJOS
  2. Thank you so much for sharing this good news! I just checked mine after I saw your post and mine dropped to! I’m back to Feb 2019 ( that was the estimate that I was given initially before they increased it to June ). So I should be getting an interview in 7 months!
  3. Thanks for the update? Has anyone seen a decrease in their estimate wait time as a result of that?
  4. Yes that's true..The pending cases in both offices and the wait times are almost the same! After the increase in wait time, my hope now is that we would be done within a year.. From what I'm seeing, it appears that most people get their interviews after a year, I hope that we don't have to wait any longer
  5. Hello everyone! I applied in Feb 2019 and waiting for the Interview! In March the wait time was 10 months (completion date in Jan 2020) Two weeks ago the estimate wait time became 13 months (completion date in June 2020)!! My field office is Brooklyn.
  6. Hello everyone, I applied for citizenship in Feb 2019. Biometrics done in March and the estimate waiting time that I was given in March was 10 months. I checked in April, it was 9 months and again in May it was 8 months. I checked again last week to find the waiting time suddenly increased from 8 to 13! An addition of 5 months all of a sudden! Has anyone faced a similar situation? Do we have an explanation on why the number would increase all of a sudden? Are these numbers accurate or can it decrease again? Thank you!
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