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  1. To be on the safer side, I attached a copy of my Naturalization Cert to my Voter Registration Application. In normal times, you may be required to provide ID proof during in person voting. This season, with mail in ballots being the norm, I thought it prudent to provide proof during the registration process itself, just in case. Just bear in mind that you do not need to prove citizenship at the time of registering, but I just went ahead and did it anyway.
  2. I haven't updated either my SSN or DMV but I was able to register to vote. Not an issue at all.
  3. I don't have an answer for this, but what an interesting question! What would be your reason for not willing to bear arms?
  4. No, it didn't have any impact on my naturalization interview. As abundant precaution, I even disclosed to the officer that I was involved in a minor accident and a police report was filed (though there were no charges). The officer did not think it was important enough and did not even ask for more details. @julPrat
  5. I just started filling out the OCI application and the process is a nightmare. Would be grateful if you can answer a few questions: 1) Did you have to fill out the form(s) in the Indian govt website first, print them and then come to the CKGS website or do you start with the CKGS website? 2) Also, I assume you must have received your OCI card by now. How long did it take? @vkrishn
  6. How did you change your name? Via a judicial process or during same day oath? You must have received a slip of paper that says your name change has been approved. I am not sure how this works, but I agree, the entire process of applying for renunciation and OCI is a nightmare.
  7. @Jot18: I followed your guide, applied on Aug 9 and voila, my renunciation certificate will be delivered today. Just ten days! Thank you so much for this valuable resource. I wish someone would make this a pinned post. Now, to the other dragon: the OCI card. I just looked at their application process and it is so confusing and unclear. Do you have a similar guide for the OCI application too? Or can you point me to where I can find some guidance? Once again, thank you so very much for everything!
  8. I have renounced my Indian passport and want to apply for the OCI card. One look at the application process on their website and my head is spinning. So confusing and frustrating and repetitive. Has anyone successfully applied for and received the OCI in recent times? I am looking for some guidance/advice/answers. I live in NJ and will have to apply to the NYC consulate.
  9. UPDATE: I also received my Naturalization Certificate back in the mail today, exactly ten business days after I received my passport. So glad that it was not lost in transit.
  10. I totally agree, I was in the same situation as yours. I naturalized on July 8, applied for my passport on July 22 and had my passport in hand in just seven business days. Yes, just a week! No one can be sure why some passports are processed faster than others, but yes, things are happening pretty efficiently.
  11. I was in the same situation as yours. Sceduled, cancelled, scheduled again, descheduled again and then finally scheduled. On the day of the oath ceremony, until I finally had my Naturalization Cert in hand, I was not sure of anything. If I were you, I would still go, just in case, because you have nothing to lose (except time and fuel for your car) by going in person. If it was indeed cancelled, then all good. If not, you would never be able to forgive yourself later (at least, that was my thinking). I can understand how frustrating this is, but that huge sigh of relief in the end will be worth all of this.
  12. I initially chose 1-2 day delivery, but the post office advised me that they don't do that anymore because of COVID-19. So, I went with Standard. Once you submit the application, you can sign up for status updates on the travel.gov website and it gives you regular updates.
  13. @Jot18, thank you for putting up this post. You have been super helpful. The Renunciation Cert application has some of the vaguest instructions ever and it gets pretty daunting. I would be grateful if you can clear up a couple more issues for me. 1) When you fill your name (Surname/First Name, Smith/John in your example) and you print the form, you end up with " I, Smith John" and not "I, John Smith". Is this the right way? 2) You have to enclose photocopies of the "last two amendment pages of your US Passport". Can you throw some light on what these pages are? As far as I can see, there is no such thing as "amendment pages". Thanks in advance!
  14. I cannot answer your assylee-specific questions, but all the very best. As for applying online, that is the best option. If you get any additional documentation after submitting the form, you can still go ahead and upload those as and when you get them. Plus, that is the best way to keep track of the status too. Just make sure you take the original documents with you when you go for the interview. Again, all the very best. It must have been a very hard journey for him.
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