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  1. Hello all, My fiancé is currently being placed at a hotel overnight in Dublin as he unfairly missed his connection to enter into the US. However, he did begin to go through US Preclearance when they told him the flight was missed. They took his "Do not open" package from the K1 visa and now I'm feeling some concern that he's going to have lots of trouble getting through Preclearance on the flight they booked him for tomorrow. Anyone experience anything like this? I'm worried that even though they "have" the packet it will go missing or be lost in the shuffle. Thank you for any insight in advance.
  2. Thank you, you explained everything clearly and for that I thank you! We realized upon talking to his mother that he does already have a local GP who he did a new patient appointment with a few years ago, and we will be going to their office this week to hopefully be picking up a patient summary!
  3. Thank you, I know he's a big boy, I said he would do this if necessary. The problem is that I am unfamiliar with the UK's medical system and I didn't know if going to a new doctor would help since they wouldn't be able to produce anything besides just saying he's a new patient. This was my question lmao. But thanks for the help anyways, this is likely what he will be doing.
  4. I am aware, but I do not know if it is the same practice. Or if they would care to print out a summary for someone who hasn't been there in 20 years.
  5. Unfortunately I still don't know how to get the record haha, i have no problems with giving it, it's just i do not know how to get the piece of paper from a GP that he may or may not be registered with from childhood. Or if i can have him go to a random doctor and have them access the information.
  6. Men are stubborn, and yeah, hasn't been to the doctor since childhood. Thank you for your input, do you think that Knightsbridge would care if the summary of info they had on him is super outdated? Also, not sure it's the same place (different name but same address) so I'm going to have to try and contact them.
  7. Update: I believe the practice still exists but I don't know if Knightsbridge would take the records if they were still available.
  8. Yes, all his life in the UK. I don't know anything about the health system, but, it seems like to retrieve any health records from the NHS, it still has to be through a medical office, which he is obviously lacking. He does have immunization records that are paper copies. However, i did find a childhood GP listed, but I'm unsure if one could even find this doctor/his practice nowadays, if they would keep records this long (he's 31) or if Knightsbridge would take such outdated records.
  9. Hi everyone, My fiancé is in the UK and will be needing to schedule the medical any day now. He called Knightsbridge and they explained that he could not book an appointment without a Patient Summary. I know this question has been asked before but I don't have any clear answers. He does NOT have a GP, he's never been to the hospital, he has zero medical history/negative mental health history except maybe childhood appointments but we have no idea where those were or how to access any info. We tried to email Knightsbridge to ask what he should do (they HUNG up on him when he asked on the phone...). Should we book a physical with a local physician just so we can ask them to print out something that says he's a new patient and there are no records? It seems like the only logical option but he has a fear of going to the doctor so I'd like to avoid it if possible, however many things about this process are scary so he will go if need be. Any and all advice or guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.
  10. I've been following this thread, just wanted to tell you guys that I had a NOA1 dated at March 1st and received my paper approval notice today the 17th!
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