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  1. Hi, I have some questions about insurance. I am 21 and my fiance is 24 - he has a health issue that means it's cheaper for him to stay on his parents insurance rather than the one at work. However, now that I am arriving it's important for me to have insurance too. I've been looking at the government marketplace for health insurance and it doesn't seem too expensive - however, does taking government subsidised insurance affect my greencard application in any way? Does that make me a public charge? Thank you for any advice or resources.
  2. I've read that this is required but I can't find anything about it on the London US embassy site. Is it still a thing?
  3. We've made it past the petition so now preparing for the interview. This is going to be at the UK embassy. For context, we are both in our early twenties and college educated, and have visited eachother ten times over the last few years. However, my petioner has not worked consistently through the year and so doesn't meet the requirements (however he currently has a new full time job, well paid), so we are using his mother who he lives with for the affidavit of support. She is a doctor and has a very high income, so she can support me no problem. We also have a good relationship as I've spent so much time with his family over the years. However it is making me really nervous and I am so anxious that I will be denied at the interview because of his inconsistent work. Anyone else been in a similar position? There's no other issues with our petition as far as I know e.g. criminal records
  4. My understanding is that I use my LDN number to book a medical appointment, and only once I've attended that can I then book an interview. I received this email a few days ago that included a LDN number. Does this mean I should book my medical after submitting the D160?
  5. Thanks for answering. The email came with a case number beginning with LND, I believe this is the one used to book the interview. It's the London consulate. So I just dont know if I have to still wait to book
  6. Thanks again. I've started on gathering evidence, and that email included a case number starting with LND. I'm just not sure whether I'm allowed to book an interview yet.
  7. Hi, I got an email from the NVC and I'm pretty sure I know what it means but just want to double check. From my understanding, I have to now wait for the embassy to contact me by post or email before I can book my interview. However, someone told me that because I have my case number, I don't need to wait and can book my interview straight away. I've attached the email for context
  8. Hi, thanks so much for the reply. Here is the email, I feel it means that I have to wait for them to contact me again untill I can book an interview. What do you think?
  9. I found it difficult to understand the average timelines on Visa Journey. For context I am the beneficiary and my embassy will be London. Any help is appreciated
  10. So our case has been received and my fiance has got a message to say confirmation will be sent in the mail. Will I also get mail as the beneficiary? If not, when can I first expect to be delivered anything?
  11. I think I've managed to print it out correctly, but it's cut off the page numbers at the very bottom. We think we'll just write the page numbers in ourselves, do you think that will be okay? thank you for your help.
  12. How did everyone type their information onto the 129F form? I've been trying to edit the PDF with the correct Adobe software (free trial) but when I go to print it, the formatting of my typed answers get screwed up. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong?
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