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  1. Around October/November when we went to the medical place in London, the lady at reception mentioned they had just changed to a digital method of sending the medical information to the embassy. So I expect for the past few months, booking the interview 'too close' to the medical appointment hasn't been much of an issue... But good for someone to write their experience.
  2. Hi @BigShirmp - hope not too late. I am not sure a statement from myself would have worked. And I wouldn't wanted to have risked it. So, like I said above, I used lawandborder's services and they produced an 'explanation' that was enough for the interviewer to waive the police check. We had to give lawandborder passport scans so they can see the visa pages, and police registration papers you have (we couldn't find ours, which was the problem, it's why we couldn't obtain a real police check) and the payment of course. Quite a simple process, it took a few weeks. We're in the USA now, so it all worked fine!
  3. The company/places worked for did not help at all. But of course, I need a police certifcate, OR a waiver. I saw someone recommending this website - https://lawandborder.com - and yes, they were great, helped and gave us a very good waiver document. Gary and Jim dealt with us very well. At the interview to get the CR1 approved, the waiver worked perfectly. Certainly money well spent! If I had simply said 'I tried everything I could but I couldn't get a police certificate from China', I don't think they would have been happy.
  4. Our situation too! Customs/immigration person at POE even said that it's not possible to get SS card sent out automatically (contrary to the DS-260, ha!)... and told us we would have to go in person. And yeah, green card came 5 weeks after POE but no SS at all... Thankfully SS card only takes 1-2 weeks and the process was easy
  5. Sorry... I'm not asking about whether or not I can use it to sponsor someone - my income is not enough and I am using assets. Nevertheless, I want to fill out the i864 correctly. This field (https://i.imgur.com/a8gQQVz.png) (more specifically - Part 6 item 7) doesn't look optional, so I want to make sure I enter it correctly Either my current foreign income, or $0.00. Plus, I am still confused about the tax year income I mentioned earlier. I really appreciate the help everyone, thank you.
  6. No but I don't think that matters (please look at the image below): This is old tax data, so, those years are finished. But I want to understand if I am correct in entering $0.00 for these years. But if you are referring to this: Yes... I have added my current, foreign based income that will stop shortly after the interview. I could see no indication in the 1864 instructions to not include foreign income, so I have added mine.
  7. I searched on the forums here and it seemed like I was finding different answers. Living in a foreign country I make less than $100,000 and my situation is simple, so my income is excluded. On the i-864 form, Part 6, it asks for my total income (adjusted gross income on form 1040EZ) for the last 3 years. I didn't do 1040EZ, I did 1040. I don't want to do anything incorrectly. Should I enter my foreign earned income, or $0.00 On my 1040 form (generated by Turbo Tax), my adjusted gross income was $0 due to the foreign income exclusion. So I would imagine I enter $0.00 - and part of me thinks it's silly to even be asking this question! But strictly speaking, I did 1040 not 1040EZ. Here are some images to help explain if needed, thanks. https://i.imgur.com/lkjYj5H.png - item blocked out in RED is income https://i.imgur.com/D48RFju.png
  8. Huh ok that's easy. Just in case somehow they aren't seeing my request, that gives me a little peace of mind in case the guy is lax for us too
  9. I filled out the form to notify about an accompaniment 2-3 weeks ago, I assume if there is no response (checked junk mail) that I should fill it out again?
  10. Huh I'll double check to see if I did. I'm doing a CR1 and not K1 if that makes a difference?
  11. I think I have everything - but what's this $265 visa fee? Where do I pay it? I don't think I have yet. I did the DS-260 online, and have done the medical. The interview is in a few weeks - thanks!
  12. Thank you. We'd rather have the name changed before the citizenship process (long wait). It's just a name, but it feels good to have the same last name. So ok, I will spend the $$$. Ok I understand the flights need to be booke din the same name as the passport, no problem with me. I don't want to wait until citizenship - so what is the process to do the name change? Just the regular name change that anyone does if they want to change their legal name from 'John' to 'Peter'?
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