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  1. This - I've have read on some pages that Manila doesn't
  2. About that.. will the US gov't require me to file taxes as well since I worked in the PH?
  3. Worked there once but was advised not to file taxes since the salary I recieved was below the minimum requirement. Been working here in the PH though..
  4. I will still be suffering by that time. lol Cheers! Thanks for your inputs
  5. Oh my god.. should've filed last year right after my marriage. LOL. Been reading that it was only for special cases.. anyway. Wasn't really decided yet if I were to come back to the US that time. Now with everything happening in the Philippines makes me think twice
  6. Been reading about this, sheds some hope. I don't and can't meet the income requirements since I'm earning PH salary.. so I'd have to work with the joint sponsor who is in the USA right now.. Hoping other people here can help and enlighten me with the other inquiry I have
  7. Okay, so I've been married almost a year to a Filipino citizen, marriage certificate shows I am Filipino (citizen) as well (dual citizen), opted to go that route because we thought that it'll be easier since the appointment for getting an Affidavit for Legal Capacity to Marry would take time. I'm currently in the Philippines, working, living here.. having thoughts about going back to the US.. and once there, will immediately start the process, but I have so much anxiety because I'd have no work (last time I tried looking for work took me 6-7 months), and would rely on the co-sponsorship (or sole sponsorship from a relative) on this matter. Can I start the process while I'm here? I'm also anxious about deciding of whether to stay or go.. Your feedback/advise/words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!
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