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  1. Yes and Yes. I’m assuming the 212 is being looked at now. It’s been two weeks since approval.
  2. The “Expedite was completed on May 1st with approval “. The file has been assigned to an officer for reviewing.
  3. Boiler, Yeah, truly they are uncommon. I can confirm ours was expedited because of the T2 agent. They said it was with a officer already. Hopefully something soon. Been almost two weeks and nothing.
  4. Good morning, I recently had a solo I-212 expedite approved on May 1st. We didn’t get any notice in the mail about such approval and called yesterday to check on status. The I-212 isn’t approved yet but I’ve been told by a few people that it’s almost 100% they will approve the solo I-212. Since the expedite was approved and we just have to wait. The expedite was was based on extreme medical diagnosis and we are waiting to fly back to united statesfor more test. its already been two weeks and we are wondering if it normally takes this long for an expedite process. Thank you
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