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  1. The embassy sent back the passports and the court documents without instructions. A clerk there also called my fiancé’s ex-wife to discuss his case. I thought cases were supposed to be confidential? We have emailed the embassy for instructions but only received form emails back.
  2. Yes. And it says “ready to schedule appointment”. We emailed the embassy but only reply with form letter saying “we don’t give updates by email. Please refer to website”.
  3. By the way, the last date updated on the status was the date the interview was scheduled.
  4. My fiancé’s interview went well in early July. The CO said his K1 visa was approved however they wanted a specific statement (beyond court ordered sole custody) from his ex wife giving permission for him to immigrate with their son to the US. He went back to court, she signed the statement and it was submitted to the embassy. Five days later the embassy called saying the statement was not included. My fiancé directed them to the first line of the second paragraph of the document and the clerk said “oh okay, I didn’t see that”. She then asked for the phone number and wished to call the ex wife. This was a week ago and CEAC says “no status” when checking the DS-160 file number and “ready for interview” if checking the BRT case number. Any idea what’s going on?
  5. We received the email from the embassy telling us to make the appointment via ustraveldocs.com and have been attempting to do so but there have been appointments available for over a month. We emailed the embassy and they told us to call the Call Center and book that way if we could not do so online. When calling the Call Center, they log into the account and then say the same thing "no appointments are available so contact the Embassy". We contact the Embassy and the circle continues. '4. Schedule an appointment for your visa interview online at http://www.ustraveldocs.com or by phone through the Call Center at 01-964-659, using your bank receipt “CGI number”. So we are at a loss for what to do now.
  6. Our K1 file has been at the Embassy in Beirut since April 4th. We have been trying to make an appointment online ever since and always get the same "no appointments are available". The status on CEAC is "Ready" and it says to wait until we are contacted for an interview. I thought this was for other immigrant visa types but with with K1/K3 you were to make the appointment online. Am I wrong? How long did you have to wait to find an open appointment. We check three or four times per day.
  7. my fiance has been in AP for a visitor visa since January 8th, 2019
  8. No one else is having this issue? It seems very odd that there are no appointments at all available.
  9. Our file has been at the Embassy in Beirut for about a month and we have been trying to schedule the interview however, no appointments show as available. Calls and emails have been answered with "no appointments are available. Any tips or advice on how long this may go on? Thank you!
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