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  1. I just wanted to clarify as I've read other experiences detailing an RFE. So should I just not submit the I-693 until the interview and include my intentions in my cover letter?
  2. Hello, I was planning to file my I-693 medical exam and I-485 together but my doctor told me I should save money and only do the medical exam when I get an interview. I am aware that this is an option in the rule book and may be wise considering the 60 day period can expire considering how slow USCIS process paperwork. Should I just wait to submit my I-693? If so, should I just include a cover letter stating that I'll bring my I-693 to the interview? What should I expect as I don't want to get a RFE if possible and slow things down.
  3. Ahhhh. I just called the package back. I'm going to redo the medical examination as I think it will be better than waiting for an RFE. Once I get a fresh signature and restart the 60 day clock I'm going to file it right away to ensure it gets there in time!
  4. Hi, I just dropped my AOS package that includes my i-485 and medical examination today (Nov 27) at Fedex. What I'm concern now is my medical exam expires Nov 29 (60 days) and my question is when is considered the date I file my application? Is it when I drop it off at Fedex or when USCIS receive it? Please help as I don't want my application to be denied because of this error!
  5. Yes I believe I am. My i-94 states D/S but OPT ended in June.
  6. Yes I guess a week or whenever after our marriage once our marriage certificate gets here.
  7. Hi all my fiance and I are getting married in November. My OPT expired in June and we are preparing all the forms we need to file. Is it possible to get everything ready now and file the package the next day right after our marriage in November? Has anyone been in this situation before? Are there any additional notes we need to make in our application as I overstayed or would everything be the same application wise? Would love to be in contact with anyone who has been through this process before as we want to do this right! Thank you!
  8. Yes, we will definitely work on having as many joint accounts as possible after the small wedding. So I guess our initial AOS application will have not as many evidence, but come interview time, we can bring an updated file with more evidence right?
  9. Thank you for your response! We are definitely inclined to do that but in terms of evidence and for the interview, how do we respond to the officer? We definitely do not want to lie but will telling them we got married in a courthouse with only family there first raise any red flags? We want to keep this "first" marriage private and only tell our family and a few close friends too if possible. I guess the main concern for us is how are we going to prove a bona fide marriage if in our minds the "real marriage" is in November. In terms of evidence, what do people normally submit for newlyweds who don't have much evidence? We got plenty of pictures and also can get letters of affidavit from friends and family.
  10. Hi all, my F1-OPT is ending in June but I recently got engaged to my fiance who is a US citizen. We planned for our wedding to take place in November. However, I know that there is a risk of deportation if I'm out of F1 status in between June and November so I was wondering if maybe I should have a small private ceremony first in June to file for AOS first and then have the actual big wedding ceremony in November? Has anyone done this before? I'm worried about the risk of proving the bona fide marriage as it's going to be a private and small ceremony with maybe just family as we are planning to do the real wedding in November.
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