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  1. Thank youu @yuni_yuni honestly we're a bit shook because we already prepare that NOA 2 will be arrived at August, but surprisingly it came way faster.. Hey you life in michigan? i will stay in wisconsin! practically neighbour 😛
  2. Hi :) can i ask yo something? i just read your interview experience at the embassy.

    I just complete my medical check up yesterday at PS Premiere Bintaro and i was wondering:


    1. Did the hospital send you anything? They said that they will send the result to the embassy right away, but referring to Embassy's email, one of the document that i should bring to the interview is medical check up result. Did you get anything from them?


    2. During this waiting period, did you email the embassy for scheduling your interview, or you wait until the hospital inform you that they already send the result to the embassy?


    Thank you so much!


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    2. Summer888


      Thats nice! my fiance will send the affidavit of support this week, so i guess its safer if i wait for that document first and email them for interview date? I was going to jeopardize based on people experience that embassy usually give you date 2-4 weeks after MCU, so my fiance have time for sending the document. But now i'm hesitate to do so :D

    3. mepck


      Perfect. Yes better have all documents on hand first then you ask for interview. We never know when the slot available, can be too fast or too long wait. Myself it was over prepared so the time they sent P3, everything is done lol


      Just make sure your fiance send it thru Fedex Or DHL faster 4 days. 

    4. Summer888


      Lol i can relate. Me myself was so over prepared but my fiance however kinda laid back.

      But hey, thanks for your help! wish you a fun journey ahead :D

  3. Heyy! I'm a december filler and i already got my NOA 2 on March 27th (3 months). After that NVC will take 4-6 weeks before you receive case number and next instruction on whats next from US Embassy Indo. Wish you all the best!
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