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  1. I've tried the FIN that I found on the stamp in my old passport but it shows no result. I remembered on my 3rd employer I exit Sg to JB Malaysia while my agency was looking for my new employer . I would like to clarify if I change an employer my FIN will also change? And if I exit Sg while waiting for my agency to find another employer would it be the same FIN when I get a new employer? Thank you
  2. Thanks for your reply. Is this the website the one you sent to me https://wponline.mom.gov.sg/WPOLLoginController?action=WPOLLoginAction&actionType=WPOLNonLogin where I can check the FIN?
  3. Hi. I was asking my mom to scan my old passport and send to my email. And I got it today. I was reviewing all the stamp and found out that there is letter and numbers that looks like a FIN. It started with first letter followed by 7digits numbers and it ends with letter. I was thinking that iit is maybe my FIN
  4. Thank you for the information. I still need to figure out and hoping there still ways to retrieve my FIN without going to Sg. I dont have the address to stayin SG too.
  5. If ever there's no other choice but to go directly in Sg. I am thinking if it would be easy for the immigration to approve me to go Sg. Do I need to have sponsor first from Sg or address to stay there? Or if I will just bring all the documents with me the proof that the reason I will go Sg if to get the COC? Since the US embassy requires me to obtain the COC from Sg.
  6. I've already tried on this to the WP online however I need to obtain the NRIC no. ,FIN and CPF no. and I don't have my employer's information regarding that. I contacted the Singapore Embassy in Manila and was asking them about my FIN and they referred me to contact the MOM to access my FIN. They gave me the email add and ohone number to contact MOM. And yesterday I emailed the MOM and received a reply but it was a computer-generated message. I planned to call their contact number.
  7. I am thinking of that too to just go to Sg directly. But I still need to figure it out. I hope still have ways to retrieve my FIN.
  8. I was checking the work pass number on the IPA and it has 9 digits number. There's no letters on it. The FIN must have letters on it?
  9. I was still in Singapore when I changed/transferred to employers. I had three employers all. To the first employer I was there for 6 months. Second employer only for a month and for the third employer was there for 21 months.
  10. I was working with my second employer for only a month and was transferred to the third employer which was the last employer before I left SG. The IPA that was sent by my first employer through screenshot was the IPA from second employer. I was looking for the FIN but I only seen the workpass number. Is FIN and workpass number same?
  11. Hi ratstar77, Thank you for your reply. I contacted my first employer in Singapore and helped me find my FIN online but they only got my IPA and sent me a screenshot.The IPA they got is the IPA of my second employer. If I may ask, Is the IPA will change if I change employer or is IPA same with every employer?
  12. Yeah, that's what I did but it also requires FIN of the employer and I don't have contact with my employer anymore since I went back in Philippines.
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