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  1. Hi. Yes! I agree with u. This is what I did. When I got my combo card and went after week to SSA and applied for SSN. SSA supposed to have request already from USCIS at that time but nothing was done from USCIS side lol
  2. Hey, anyone tried to expedite their I-485? i just filled request and got notification today. So, I guess how they will send letter asking provide evidence which I have. Just heard that there is not many cases when I-485 gets approved to expedite that. Wish me best of luck.
  3. Called then and later emailed documents from my country central bank with information about student loans
  4. Provided evidence that I have student loan in my home country and I need work for that.
  5. Yes, I did. I just mentioned that in my previous message:)
  6. Ready. Only one thing that I will get work authorization separately from travel document because I applied to expedite work authorization only. Thought that they will issue combo card. But will see when it will arrived to the mail.
  7. Any one tried to expedite their work authorization or travel document? What does that mean approves?
  8. Hi. How long it would take if I applied to expedite my work authorization and then hey asked for additional information, so I sent them by tax. How long it would take for them to respond ?
  9. Hey. I’m so sorry to hear about your situation that they lost your Birth certificate. I really hope so that it won’t effect you wait time a lot. i just have question to u: so do they only accept original birth certificate and translated copy or they need only original? Coz I sent them copies.
  10. Thanks. I opened account without SSN and they added me to my husband's insurance plan without SSN as well.
  11. So if it got married already should I do that or since I applied for work authorization they will take care of that? Coz I remember there was sentence in that form when applied for work document , like if I also would like to get SSN
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